Nick Cannon Loses 5 Month Old Son to Brain Cancer Caused by Tumor

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Nick Cannon had some pretty sad news to announce today on his talk show. He lost his youngest son, Zen to a brain tumor. Cannon is the father of seven children and Zen was the baby. He'd had issues for a while but the tumor grew at an unprecedented rate and Cannon knew the time was coming to say goodbye. Cannon tried to spend as much quality time with his son before he passed. This experience has brought perspective to Cannon's life.

He advises his viewers to value their loved ones and to show appreciation for the time we have left on earth. His son passed away too soon and Cannon and his mother, Alyssa, weren't ready for this time to come. The doctors tried their best to treat the tumor but the outlook was grim. Cannon wanted to share this news on his own terms and talked about what a happy son he had and how he was always so pleasant to be around. He was always such a happy child, smiling constantly. He made a positive impact on everyone around him.

He'll always be remembered as the sweetest child. Zen was only 5 months old when he passed away from brain cancer. He won't soon be forgotten and Cannon will always cherish the last moments he got to spend with his son. Cannon feels like the holidays are the best time to show others how much they mean to us and we should take the opportunity to do so because we just don't know how much time we have left with them.

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