Celebrities Like Adele and Jane Fonda are Using Their Platform to Improve the Environment

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Many celebrities have used their platform and money to help climate change and help better the earth

Celebrities, we love them and we love to hate them. Some are very encompassed in celebrity culture and can come across as selfish and entitled and some celebrities come across as your best friend. The truth of the matter is no one will ever really know them fully, at least we won’t as watchers. That doesn’t go to say that some celebrities are doing great and amazing things for the planet and we don’t even know about it. Many celebrities have used their platform and money to help climate change and help better the earth. We just don’t take a second look at some of the work these people have put into the planet and maybe with just a little push we can follow their lead.

Now it is no surprise that many celebrities are in possession of a plethora of money so we shouldn’t feel bad that we can’t all be making multi-millionaire eco-friendly brands. But we can support these celebrities and maybe gather ideas of our own to start something revolutionary.

- Nikki Reed: Most of us remember Nikki from her role as Rosalie in the Twilight franchise but did you also know she has her own jewelry company. Her company is called BaYou with Love and it offers sustainably sourced bracelets, necklaces, earring you name it. She wanted to do something fashionable but also something that would make individuals feel pretty.

- Millie Bobbie Brown: Eleven from Stranger Things isn’t even out of her teens and she is still trying to make the world a better place. She created a cruelty-free and ethical makeup and skincare line called Florence. This way you can have a face full of products good for the earth and for yourself. Check it out at your local Ulta Beauty Store.

-Woody Harrelson: An odd celebrity to list but did you know the Hunger Games star had his own paper company? He does! His company is called Step Forward Paper and is made up of 80% wheat instead of trees. Talk about taking a green step forward.

-Drew Barrymore: When she is not being Adam Sandler’s go-to love interest she is working on her organic beauty cosmetic line. The line is called Flower Beauty and it is all about clean and dainty makeup making you feel great and making the earth feel great.

-Rosario Dawson: From Rent to The MCU Rosario has done it all. But her environmental and social work is extraordinary. She started a company called Studio 189. As well as the products being sustainable they are an African American woman-led brand which just makes the cherry on top.

-Stella McCartney: Stella likes to live a vegan lifestyle and particularly has a grasp on sustainable clothes. She uses vegan and vegetarian leather in all her clothing as well as wood and recycled products.

-Robin Wright: Known for her stint on House of Cards is trying to give back and save the planet with her clothing brand called Pour Les Femmes. The company sets up job opportunities for women in the Congo but the clothes themselves are all made with sustainable materials.

-Jessica Alba: Being a mother herself she wanted to do something that was going to benefit women and the planet. She created The Honest Company that sells eco-friendly items to women, mothers, and babies.

-Jane Fonda: The oscar-winning actress has started to follow the likes of Greta Thunberg and involves herself in climate protests. She really wants the movement not to be just for young people; she thinks that the older generation needs to take ownership for what they have done and help combat the issue. She protested for weeks and never stopped no matter what happened hoping to prove that we can all take a stand in the fight against climate change.

-Shailene Woodley: She has come far from just being the star of Secret Life of an American Teenager. She implements eco-friendly routines into her daily life so they become a habit and it is all she has ever known. She admittedly wants to have children and bring them into a safe environment and that can’t happen with the way the world is going in her head.

-Adele: We have all been crying over her new song but did you know she also does environmental work. She wants her son to grow up loving where he lives so she converted her home to solar power. Anything she can do to give the earth more time.

-Joaquin Phoenix: Though he terrified us with his portrayal of the infamous Joker, he actually does a lot to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. He is a very outspoken vegan and wants to follow the lead of Stella McCarthy and wear vegan suits. In his acceptance speech at the 2020 Golden Globes, he pressed his fellow actors to look at their lives and start to choose a more sustainable option. They have so much allotted to them that there is no reason that they can’t take the leap. He also helped Jane Fonda protest, look at that eco-friendly friends.

Celebrities care a lot more than we give them credit for. Just because they make movies and jet off to extravagant places doesn’t mean they’re not human just like us. They want to help the planet stay on track just as much as we do. Now we may not be able to afford to turn our entire house to solar power like Adele or have our own hair care brand like Katie Holmes but we can look into solar power appliances or change our shower ritual with cleaner products. If celebrities can take the step, so can we.

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