Rotting Waste in Your Kitchen is Creating Methane and Destroying the Environment

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You've seen them in kitchens that are all fancy and minimalistic and everyone just thinks they're so cool and so pretty to look at. They may be super pretty but you don't have to have just this clean minimalistic look to have a green kitchen. A lot of our issues with the climate and polluting the Earth causing more damage to the climate is due to how we cook and how we eat. Waste is a very very large issue when it comes to climate change. When waste decomposes carbon dioxide and methane gas is created. Carbon dioxide is a natural product and when anything rots in the air, methane is created. Both gases are greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change. This pain correlates with how much waste we create in the kitchen. Just think about how many apple cores you're throwing away when you could be putting them outside and making soil. Or how much K-Cups were wasted when we could make coffee in a Greener way. Let's start looking into how to make a green kitchen without breaking a budget.

Products to Put us on Top:

  • Electric Kettle - These devices are very energy efficient and have a measuring scale that switches on and off automatically with the temperature control feature. This ensures that you only boil what is necessary and prevents prolonged boiling water.
  • SMEG - This is a company more than a product but it is an Italian Grand that offers eco-friendly home appliances. Their product line includes ovens, coffee machines, cookers, dishwashers and eco-friendly laundry appliances as well as refrigerators and freezers. They try to make their kitchen appliances combine high performance with low consumption which then meets the highest Energy Efficiency class rating. that use materials like glass, steel, brass & aluminum because they're all easy to recycle.
  • Recycling System - Made by Bokashi this machine composts mostly everything. Including dairy, meat and vegetables which are done, create a compost material in about 10 days through a fermentation process. This machine also doesn't require any turning and does not have a smell which leaves your kitchen feeling clean.
  • GE Energy Star - It would be any GE energy star labeled refrigerator because they have exceeded the government Energy Efficiency standards by at least 10%. The profile custom style fridges were made with a carbon block water filter in the water and ice maker dispensers. Though these are refrigerators and run very pricey it's still good luck for when your old refrigerator kicks the bucket.
  • ASKO Dishwasher - Around 80% of the materials used to make this dishwasher are recyclable. They come in a 3.9 gallon cycle and a 4.6 got one cycle. They have an energy star rating and also cost around the same amount for a regular dishwasher. this dishwasher that will help you feel like you've done something.
  • Profile Advantium - Electric oven which uses halogen lights to cook food faster than conventional ovens, but with it not being a conventional stove top it doesn't require any gas that could pollute the air.
  • Dish Cleaning Set - These sets can be purchased on Amazon or on their own website but their eco-friendly dish cleaning sets tend to be made from bamboo or other reusable materials.
  • Reusable Paperless Towels - These towels are also found on Amazon and other eco-friendly websites and their natural bamboo towels. So all you need to do is just wash them. This saves money on buying rolls of paper towels and also saves money on waste.
  • Wooden Cooking Utensils - These are easy to clean and store and they're better than using plastic cooking utensils that could melt or break. That then just turns into waste with these wooden cooking utensils; they last longer and are easily recycled.
  • Coffee Maker - The best eco-friendly coffee maker is one that is not a single-use pod like a Keurig. Ideally, it's best to brew your coffee manually and use the coffee grounds in a garden or as compost. but using a coffee maker with a reusable filler is definitely the best way to go when trying to find a coffee maker that is eco-friendly.
  • Pans - When searching for pans or pots for a sustainable kitchen you should avoid getting pots with Teflon. This is codeine that contains carcinogens and other environmentally harmful products. Aim for stainless steel, cast iron, and enamel-coated pots and pans.

Eco-Friendly All The Way:

If you are truly interested in going heading and changing your entire kitchen right away here are some helpful tips.

  • Quartz or Corian - Both of these countertops are considered to be more sustainable than granite. The production of both Quartz and Corian Has a lower impact on mining than granite. On top of them being virtually maintenance-free, not requiring toxic sealants, and will last a long time without cracking or chipping.
  • Recycled Materials - You can ask your designer for recycled glass tiles or quartz slabs to restyle your kitchen while also making it eco-friendly. You can also refurbish and repurpose items where you can and create a brand new design.
  • Lighting Fixtures - You can add dimming switches to lights to allow you to adjust the wattage. and also replace the bulbs with LED bulbs wherever you can. Though they are more expensive at the time of purchase they last longer so you get your money back through energy savings. this can also go throughout your entire house if you so choose.

Green and eco-friendly living is very much a choice and a lifestyle that you should go in a little at a time. Some things may come as a shock and some things will automatically make you feel better about what you're doing for the planet. But research is your best friend in this endeavor so do the research so you can have the best eco-friendly kitchen experience.

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