Civil Rights Leaders Al Sharpton and Ben Crump Visit Brunswick for Ahmaud Arbery's Trial

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 civil rights leaders visited Brunswick to stand side-by-side with Ahmaud Arbery’s family on the fourth day of his murder trial. Not only did a civil rights activist show up for him but also Attorney Ben Crump to help provide emotional and legal support for the ones that lost their loved one. This is a big deal but to fully understand the magnitude of this we must first go into the case itself.

To start off with, this has been claimed as a racially-charged case of three men being accused of killing a black jogger. This all happened last year in the state of Georgia and has drawn national attention especially with the times we are living in and the black lives matter movement being at Large last year. Ahmaud Arbery Was shot and killed on February 23rd, 2020 in a confrontation with Gregory and Travis McMichael. Unfortunately, it took more than two months for these men to be arrested and charged along with the neighbor who filmed the killing. Man involved in doing the murder claim that they were defending themselves while trying to make a citizen's arrest while the family of the deceased says that this is intern a modern-day lynching. As of right now the three men were all arrested in May of last year and each of them face 9 charges. the nine charges include murder and aggravated assault yet these men have pleaded not guilty. The prosecutors believe that Travis McMichael specifically used a racial slur and an expletive directed at Ahmaud as he lay dying.

In the case so far as of November 8th the jury has seen footage from the police body cameras and the moments just after Ahmaud was killed. Prosecutors hope by using this video and Court it could help undermine the defense's argument that the three men on trial were simply trying to detain Ahmaud. This is a great lead for the prosecutors; they do have the disadvantage of only having one black member Seated on the 12-person jury. Defense lawyers early on rolled out some African-American candidates for the panel citing that they may have a preconceived bases on the case under questioning. Therefore they wouldn't respond to the defense's advantage. On the defense's turn they are stating that this is a two-part issue of a citizen's arrest in self-defense. A citizen's arrest in the state of Georgia is seen as an individual/citizen detaining another individual that they have seen committing a serious crime trying to escape. So this case itself has caused the state law to be repealed.

It has even gone so far that the judge rejected a mistrial request from the defense which was caused by lawyers from the defense that tried to argue that Ahmauds mother sobs and cries in Court had unfairly influenced the jury. At the end of the day it is just a mother mourning her son who was a former High School football player and who had a love for exercise. So he is not without blemish 4 in 2018 he received five years probation for a first-time weapons charge and was later convicted of shoplifting. He was still just a young man trying to live his life.

Call takes us to now What's activist Al Sharpton says that this trial is more than just a race issue. He fully believes laws need to be looked at and changed in order to create a fair system.

And with the national attention this trial is getting, the verdict will be remembered across the nation. This verdict will do a lot for the black community depending on what is ruled.

The trial itself has already taken a very long time to even get off the ground. The case is currently on its fourth prosecutor this is all due to two local district attorneys having professional connections with one of the defendants. With this news it has caused a lot of distrust within the black community and local law enforcement with some saying that this is all an attempt to cover up the death. The trial is still ongoing and many things are coming out in the wake of all of this. We can only hope that the family, friends and loved ones get the Justice they so duly deserved from this tragedy. But as stated earlier whatever the verdict is it will go down in history and will be remembered everywhere. Let's just all hope that America is moving in the right direction and not taking us back 100 years.

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