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As President Joe Biden’s term continues, his support that he has been receiving has slowly begun to slip away. President Joe Biden had recently signed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill on Monday, which had caused inflation concerns to overshadow the more positive developments. Voters are beginning to feel more and more like the White House is not focused enough on the issues that are actually affecting them.

According to Washington Post and ABC News polls, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has gone down to a new low of 41% due to the actions that he has shown throughout his presidency. As well as this, several other surveys suggest that President Joe Biden has also reached the lowest point of his first 10 months in office. If President Joe Biden wants to climb out of the hole that he has found himself in, the road would be long and tedious.

At the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term, Voters had shown strong approval for the way that the President had handled most major issues through the early months of his presidency. However, by the time late summer had come around, President Joe Biden had given instructions to do a very chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, as well as a huge resurgence of COVID-19 through the Delta variant, and the consistent and persistent disruption of the supply chain, President Joe Biden’s support had been continuously declining. Even as the delta variant of COVID-19’s numbers begin to subside and the economic trajectory improves, his support continues to slide due to the past mistakes.

Democrats are now beginning to look towards the midterm elections that are less than 12 months away, in which they have begun to accept that they are likely to lose control of one or both chambers of Congress. Republicans currently have a 10-point advantage over the Democrats when it comes to a generic ballot matchup, which has been the largest advantage in the 40-year history of the survey. The approval from Democratic voters has slipped by 14 points since June, with only 40% of the Democrats that had voted President Joe Biden into office still strongly approving of his performance. This slip of approval is also a large signal for the growing dissatisfaction with the way that the president has been handling the economy and the pandemic, with these issues being what voters have strongly rated him on in the spring.

President Joe Biden has done some good throughout his term, such as clearing $3 trillion in spending through the stimulus check and monthly child tax credit payments. The economy has regained almost 6 million jobs since President Joe Biden has taken office, and the economic growth is on the right path to rebound strongly during this time. However, nearly half of Americans have claimed that President Joe Biden has done little to nothing since taking office, while only 31% have said that he has kept major promises that he had made during his campaign. As well as this, 70% of respondents to polls regarding President Joe Biden and his impact on America have said that the economy is “not so good” or “poor.”

Despite the statistics when it comes to President Joe Biden’s support and current place in the economy, Voters continue to remain supportive of the major aspects of the president’s domestic agenda. For example, the infrastructure bill had been backed by 63% of respondents, with 58% of those respondents favoring the launch of new social programs and addressing climate change through a $2 trillion package. The Democrats aim to accomplish receiving that package in the coming weeks through the Build Back Better Act.

Even though his support is slipping, President Joe Biden, along with his aides, have downplayed the severity of the sagging poll numbers. The president continues to insist public perception will improve as the pandemic begins to recede, and that the economy would begin to recover. The President and his aides have acknowledged that the process of fixing the economy and helping with COVID-19 numbers has been taking much longer than they had expected, with worries being pointed towards supply shortages and inflation still continuing as the winter begins to approach.

“Many people remain unsettled about the economy, and we know why. They see higher prices. They go to the store or go online and can’t find what they want.”

-President Joe Biden

Voters commonly focus more on their immediate economic strife, and often do not look forward to the broader positive trends, according to Democratic strategist Scott Ferson. Many people will judge the current state of the economy through the prices of groceries and gas, and that often causes people to not get as much success out of Biden’s policies. Many of us do not think too deeply into many of the things that occur within the government or what may occur around us, choosing to live our lives and continue on with what we need to do.

Many Biden supporters have begun to believe that legislative action is an important key factor to reversing political fortunes. The Build Back Better Act is an opportunity to help change the narrative for the president, and allow for more supporters to be open and happy with what might be occurring with him.

The investments in this package will provide truly life-changing relief to families feeling an economic squeeze. After months of negotiations, we shouldn’t delay a day more in moving this bill forward.”

-Leah Greenberg, co-executive direction of Indivisible

Despite the evidence towards a positive change in the economy, Republicans have maintained that the lesson Democrats should take away from President Joe Biden’s political struggles is to change course and abandon their social spending plans. However, over two dozen Republican lawmakers had also voted for the infrastructure bill.

Many believe that inflation is the biggest obstacle that is currently impeding a political recovery for President Joe Biden. However, that is not entirely the case - economists say that the White House can not do much about the economy or make all the changes needed in the near term.

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