Taxi Driver Detains Possible Terrorist and Saves Hospital

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“The taxi driver, in his heroic efforts, has managed to divert what could have been an absolutely awful disaster at the hospital.”

-Mayor Joanne Anderson

In Liverpool, England, a taxi driver had gained recognition for his heroic actions and reactions just before a bomb had exploded outside of a hospital. The suspected terrorist in the bombing had been the only one to die when the taxi, which had been driven by David Perry, had exploded. According to the police, they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack, but for now the motives are unclear. However, the day of the blast had been “Remembrance Sunday”, a holiday meant to hold services in memory of those who had died at war, for those in Britain, causing many to speculate that the potential bombing could have been related to the holiday within the country.

David Perry had picked up the suspect and driven him 10 minutes to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The suspect had been driven up to the hospital’s entrance, and as they pulled to a stop, Perry noticed the bomb just in time to lock the suspect inside of his car. Perry locked all of the doors to prevent the suspect from escaping, and the improvised explosive device exploded before Perry’s car had even come to a complete stop.

Following the explosion, footage shows Perry emerging from the vehicle following the explosion with burns and shrapnel wounds. The extent of his injuries are currently not known, but it has been reported that Perry has been discharged from the hospital following the incident.

Perry is now being praised by the mayor of Liverpool, Joanna Anderson, and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his brave and selfless deeds that potentially saved lives.

Following the blast, three men had been arrested underneath Britain’s “Terrorism Act” that had been in their 20s, with another being detained on Monday. The Police have reason to believe that all four of the men that they had detained were associates of the deceased who had set off the bomb.

“The incident in Liverpool yesterday has been declared terrorism. Counter Terrorism Policing, along with our partners, continue to work at pace. We urge all to remain vigilant.”

-Counter Terrorism Policing UK

Those within the hospital who had heard the blast are now speaking up. One of those within the hospital was a man by the name of Carl Bessant, who had been visiting his partner who had just had a baby. He and his partner were both shaken up from the sound of the blast, and that they had been in the middle of feeding their baby when it happened. The couple looked out of the window in time to see the car on fire, and David Perry jumping out of his car and screaming. The hospital had immediately gone into a shut down, not allowing anyone in or out during the time period of the investigation, but they were allowing people to use the back entrance.

About 0.75 miles from the hospital, the first raid done by the police to find the suspects had occurred. The police raided a home on Rutland Avenue in the Sefton Park area, bringing out men in handcuffs that had been led to the car by armed officers. Chief Constable Serena Kennedy had spoken publicly to reassure those who had been affected by witnessing the raid, saying that events like this are not common.

When the police had arrived at the scene to put out the fires on the car, they had found the deceased body of the suspect with the bomb. The investigators on the scene will be taking much closer look at the inside of the vehicle to find out exactly what had happened prior to the fire development, and the type of damage that it had caused. There was very little blast damage inside of the vehicle, and more so fire damage. Whatever had been inside of the vehicle was either a low yield bomb, or the bomb did not work properly. It is also suspected that the item that the suspect held was also possibly an incendiary.

David Perry’s reaction to the situation was heroic and one of the best reactions that a person could’ve had in the situation that he had found himself in. Terrorist attacks, or suspected terrorist attacks, can be extremely stressful and anxiety inducing on those who find themselves stuck in the middle of them.

If you ever feel as though you may find yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack, or that you suspect that one is happening to you, it is important for you to know what is best for you to do in those situations. One of the best things that you can do is work with your place of residency or your workplace and figure out a plan.

The first step is to make an emergency communications plan, which means to have an out-of-town contact for yourself or your workplace who can call or check-in on the location if a disaster were to ever occur. The contact that you put into your plan should be someone who is far enough from your location that they would be unlikely to be affected by the same event that has affected you. Everyone in your workplace or your household should have their own contacts, and if you have children, make sure to leave these contacts with their school.

Next, you should establish a meeting place. This is not always necessary, but if there is ever a reason for you to need to evacuate your home or workplace, it is good to have a certain location set for you and your co-workers to meet up at. You should have an emergency preparedness kit that is filled with first aid supplies and any special needs items that you might need for your family or peers as well.

Acts of terrorisim are something that many of us do not ever want to find ourselves stuck in, but it is important to know and understand what you can do to protect yourself and others.

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