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Bomb Threat at Columbus Clinic

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A federal grand jury indicted a Columbus man for allegedly threatening a women’s reproductive health clinic. He threatened them because he believed that they were going to give his girlfriend an abortion. The man, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Brime, age 25, had allegedly called and threatened the Your Choice Healthcare clinic twice on April 11, 2021. The clinic is said to help individuals access safe abortions by providing oral medication to induce abortions up until around nine weeks of a pregnancy term. The Department of Justice said that Brime had threatened to bomb the clinic so that he could kill his pregnant girlfriend if the clinic tried to give her an abortion. He had called and threatened to bomb them, which prompted an investigation by the Columbus Police Counterterrorism Unit. They searched the clinic and the surrounding area for any type of explosives, but none were found.

“I’m going to bring the heat,” Brime said to an on-call staff member at the clinic, referring to his girlfriend who was a patient there. “If she kills my baby, I’m going to kill her.”

He was later charged under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, an act that makes it a federal crime to threaten the use of force to try and scare someone out of receiving reproductive health services. The U.S Attorney’s Office said that he’s facing up to 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000 if he’s convicted.

According to, the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act makes it a federal crime to physically obstruct the entrance to a clinic or to use force, the threat of force, or physical obstruction (like sitting in front of the door) to interfere with women who are seeking reproductive health services. People typically try to do this in cases of women trying to get abortions since abortion is such a controversial topic. Some people were thankful for this act because it allows women to take care of their reproductive health without the fear of harrassment, but others on the pro-life side view it as a violation of their First Amendment rights. However, numerous courts have stated that the FACE Act doesn’t violate the First Amendment. Violent offenders are the ones who receive fines of up to $250,000 if convicted, so Brime is being considered a violent offender because of his bomb threat.

Brime has already been in the Franklin County Jail on counts related to other crimes. In January, Brime had pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and improper handling of a firearm. According to The Columbus Dispatch, he was placed under community control for two years, with requirements that he can’t leave the state without permission.

The National Abortion Federation has been tracking violence against abortion providers since 1977. As of 2018, violence against abortion clinics had hit an all time high. There were nearly 1400 reported violent acts against these clinics across the U.S. The majority of these acts had episodes of illegal trespassing. A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood said that the security protocols for their clinics have to be constantly under review. As of 2019, U.S lawmakers have passed 58 abortion restrictions. Half of these would ban the vast majority of abortions in these states. Different abortion providers told CBS news that they’ve seen a direct correlation between the rise in abortion-clinic violence and the wave of anti-abortion legislatures being passed.

The founder and executive officer of Trust Women, Julie Burkhart, had her mentor Dr. George Tiller be assassinated by an anti-abortion extremist. He was a high-profile abortion doctor who performed abortions up until rather late in a pregnancy, and he was murdered in 2009 at church. Burkhart says that the issues going on today remind her of 2009.

“I’m just so unsettled and fearful that we’re going to see people hurt,” Burkhart said. “My boss was murdered. I fear that we’re going to have the same horrible outcome.”

Referring to abortions with negative language such as calling women who get them “baby killers” is something that’s said to push anti-abortion extremists into action. Inflammatory language is often a trigger for violence, so legislatures that introduce language like this just worsens the violence that’s already being seen. Amy Hagstrom Miller, the chief executive officer and president of Whole Women’s Health, said that anti-abortion protestors are constantly around their abortion clinics. She said that she’s noticed the protests become worse after bills that try to restrict abortions get introduced.

“These aggressive bills that keep getting introduced have a ton to them that’s incredibly fringe and introduces violent language,” Miller said. She noted that in Alabama’s legislation that was trying to completely ban abortion, lawmakers had compared abortions to the Holocaust.

Abortion has always been a controversial subject, but the topic got even worse during the Trump administration. Trump made it clear during his presidency that he didn’t believe abortion was a good thing. In one of his posts on Twitter, he had said that, “the Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don’t mind executing babies AFTER birth.” Misinformation like this causes anti-abortion extremists to become heated and much more likely to stir up violence. People will start to believe that the pro-choice narrative is to “kill babies after birth” like Trump said, which is a dangerous idea to be spreading.

Brime’s threat against the Your Choice Healthcare Clinic is sadly something that abortion providers have to deal with often today. While he’s getting charged for the violent act that he threatened to commit, many anti-abortion extremists get to walk free after making threats like this. In order to try and prevent these things from happening, there needs to be better education regarding the topic of abortion, and inflammatory language has to stop being used when discussing it. No matter which side someone is on when it comes to abortion, calling women things like “baby killers” isn’t going to do anything to fix the situation; it’ll only make cases like this much more frequent.

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