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Man Murdered in Victorian Village Columbus, Ohio

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Marcus Payne, a 27-year-old man, died in September after being shot late August. His family is still trying to find justice for his death. Payne’s friends and relatives spread out north of downtown Columbus on October 11th putting fliers in mailboxes pleading to find any information about his killer.

Payne was shot on August 30th around 1a.m near Neil Avenue and Buttles Avenue. He and his older brother had confronted a group of suspected car thieves who they thought were trying to break into Payne’s vehicle, and one of them fired at the two brothers, hitting Payne. His family still has no answers, and they’re hoping that someone somewhere may have gotten video surveillance of the incident.

“If anybody knows anything or heard anything if they would please contact the detective in charge because we want justice for Marcus and for our family. We’re having a really hard time, him not being here and for how he was taken away from us,” his mother, Victoria Landrum, said.

Officers had been dispatched to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center at around two in the morning on a report of a patient with a gunshot wound. Payne had been driven there by his brother after the incident. He died about two weeks after he had been shot.

Payne went to college and had a job selling cars. His mother heavily feels the grief of his death, as no mother wants to experience losing their child to gun violence. She’s still hopeful that somebody will come forward with some information on who caused his death. Neighbors told her that they looked at multiple doorbell cameras on their street and didn’t find any footage of the event.

“I never went without talking to him. Today’s been a month since he’s been gone, and there’s never been a time I haven’t not talked to him in a month,” Payne’s mom said. “He’s not an average person that you see on the news who gets in trouble. He wasn’t that type of person.”

Payne was very well-loved by many. According to his obituary, he was active in his community and loved his family. He wanted to be in business with his brother and uncle and wanted to give back to his community. His philosophy was that if something needed to be done, you just do it. His family and friends will continue looking for justice for his death.

His death was one of the many homicides that occurred in Columbus this year. The city has had a record-breaking number of homicides in 2021, and police don’t have any definite answers for why the homicide record is so high. People believe there are many different causes like drugs, poverty, distrust in police that leads to people taking matters into their own hands, etc. Columbus isn’t the only city with high records of homicides this year: cities like Chicago and Indianapolis are facing the same problem.

His death is also one of many gun-related deaths in the city. Gun violence is considered an on-going problem in the city of Columbus. In early August, before Payne’s death, community leaders partnered together to hold a march and rally outside of the City Hall regarding gun violence. Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant was one of the members in the rally. She attended because she believes that no mother deserves to lose her child, and that one death caused by gun violence is too many. The city has been said to have recently donated $400,000 to support programs meant to help communities that have been hit the hardest with crime.

Dr. Deanna Wilkinson, a criminologist at Ohio State University, has said that she’s been mapping out Columbus homicide patterns to try and help stop the violence. She’s been mapping out patterns and talking with grieving mothers to try and figure out some kind of solution. She has lots of personal experience with gun violence, having lost multiple family members to it. She thinks a part of the problem is that parents need to be teaching how to trust, love, and use coping skills as their children grow. She thinks that the issue needs to be treated with more urgency than it currently is. She also thinks that energy should be put into activities that are good for building communities. She says that the main structural reasons for violence are poverty, joblessness, low levels of educational opportunity, and mass incarceration.

“This is not normal. This should not be normal. It cannot be that, oh, we just sit back and how high will the number go. No, we have to stop it,” Wilkinson said.

2021 is becoming one of the worst years for gun violence that the U.S has seen in decades. The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence is a non-profit organization that works to prevent gun violence through advocacy, education, and public awareness. They say that statistics have shown that Black areas and other people of color are more likely to be affected by gun violence. They encourage all Americans to come together in unity to see an end to violence. According to their statistics, Ohio is among several states that had an increase of more than 35% of homicides in the year 2020. That number just keeps growing for 2021, and their group is working to try and decrease those numbers. If this is something that you’d like to participate with, you can check out some of their programs on their website.

Payne’s death was another tragedy that occurred due to gun violence in the city of Columbus. With some more research into the topic of gun violence, and more priority dedicated to solving the issue, we can hope to see a decrease in the amount of gun-related deaths that are happening in the city. There has to be more done to try and combat the things that are leading to these high levels of gun violence. Officials need to try and stop these incidents before they happen instead of waiting to arrive after an incident occurs.

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