Increased Migrants at Border Create Patrol Challenges

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The border situation has been a debate for a long time within American culture. Some Americans believe that the border should not be as closely guarded as it is, while others believe that the guarding is crucial to our national safety. Despite the debate, however, there is one thing that is certain: every person deserves to be treated well and be in good health, a mindset that the Panama foreign minister shares.

Currently at the border, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have begun to encounter more migrants at the Mexican border in the last year than any other year that has ever been recorded. The Biden administration is currently struggling to balance the circumstances surrounding the largest surge of border crossings that we have seen in decades. As a result, other countries have begun to grow frustrated with the United States’ handling of the situation. One of these countries is Panama, where the foreign minister, Erika Mouynes, had commented and expressed frustration towards the Biden administration being caught off guard by the Haitian migrant crisis. Her frustration comes from the fact that they had sounded the alarm early.

Mouynes has also commented on the fact that we have not even seen the worst of the crossings yet, due to the fact that there are as many as 60,000 migrants posed to make their way to the United States’ southern border. As a result, Mouynes is calling for the United States’ assistance in enforcing a plan that is coordinated with the other countries of the region, due to the other countries being aware that these migrants are heading towards the United States and not any others. Allegedly, Mouynes has been saying for months that she has been trying her best to warn leaders across the hemisphere of the impending Haitian wave of immigrants that were going to head north to the United States.

Panama has been reported to be the first country to often provide medical help, food, and shelter to the migrants heading towards the north, despite them passing through multiple South American countries before they ever reach Panama. The reasoning for Panama’s assistance with the migrants is because the people who arrive are typically malnourished, and their children are in terrible condition.

"We've engaged with every single authority that we can think of, that we can come across, to say, 'Please, let's pay attention to this."

-Erika Mouynes

The CBP had released their statistics regarding the amount of crossings that occurred in September, which revealed that there had been a 10% decline in the unique encounters at the border from the last month. The migrants that had been detained were expelled underneath authority, however all unaccompanied children as well as many families were allowed to stay within the American borders while they had their cases processed.

In the fiscal year, there have been almost 1.66 million border encounters, ending on September 30th. This number is the largest amount of data that has been collected since the 1960s. Even now, there are reportedly upwards of tens of thousands more migrants heading towards the United States through Central America. The CBP acting Commissioner Troy Miller has been in charge of keeping track of those who come through and enter the United States, and with informing the public of what is going on in the area.

“CBP encounters along the Southwest border declined in September from the prior month, and a majority of noncitizens encountered were expelled under Title 42. The men and women of CBP continued to rise admirably to the challenge, despite the strain associated with operating during a global pandemic that has claimed far too many lives among our frontline personnel.”

-Troy Miller

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