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A new central Ohio haunted house by the name of Haunted Hoorah in Marion underwent further inspection this Wednesday. Officials spent extra time in the establishment making sure everything was good for a go-ahead before the haunted house could be open in time for the upcoming Halloween season. Electricians analyzed the house thoroughly, making sure that the haunted house would be able to open. Haunted Hoorah is a military-themed spooky attraction meant to focus on a spooky story set in the era where Germany and America were fighting during WWII - and failed science experiments involving “Super Soldier Serum”. The site’s description reads, “As a volunteer recruit, you will be scanned and placed on a military transport to be taken to the recruit processing and testing center. Once there, you will be injected with the Super Soldier Serum and processed. After extensive testing and trials you will be evaluated. Based on your results and how the serum reacts in your body, we will see if you have what it takes, or if you’ve become one of our less fortunate results”. The haunted house is set to open this Friday and will be open for the public until Halloween.

Haunted houses took a hit during the height of the COVID pandemic last year as many haunted houses struggled to adapt to regulations that were in place. Many haunted houses are considered local attractions, so making short-distance trips to these houses is not a tall order. But many other hurdles were in place during last year’s haunted-house season. Some haunted houses, like Freaking Bros. Trilogy of Terror chose not to open for the season, as the regulations in place would not allow them to deliver the “intense horror” they were known for. Meanwhile, venues like Louisiana’s 13th Gate chose to stay open, but remained dedicated to strictly following COVID protocol. 13th Gate created an entire page on their website regarding COVID protocols and how to effectively follow them. Still others started focusing more on open spaces like the outside, and others even created drive-through haunted houses. A drive-through haunted house in Japan opened last year, allowing guests to experience horror from their cars. Performances are provided by Kowagarasetai, roughly translating to the “Scaredy Squad”. The drive-through is a 17 minute experience, accompanied by an in-car soundtrack and plenty of other special effects. Horror-goers can’t escape any of the scares until the very end, trapped in a car as “zombies” swarm their doors and windshields. The experience ends with a car wash to get rid of the fake blood and germs from the “zombies”. All these unique approaches helped haunted houses contend with the strict guidelines the COVID pandemic imposed upon them within the past year. Most experts believed that outdoor venues were the safest places to go at this time, so those that opened with indoor venues and strict regulations were not recommended by officials. Still, many people went to haunted houses this past year.

Now, this new haunted house will be opening this year and may have to contend with such guidelines - quite possibly the most scary part after the inspection finished up this Wednesday. It’s still widely debated and unclear as to what the best method of regulation for businesses has been since the vaccine hit most of the US this past summer. But one thing is for certain - haunted houses are still going to keep popping up all across the globe, for even despite all the trouble of the world, there will never not be someone who is seeking a few thrills, chills and all kinds of scares.

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