Last Novel in Acclaimed Youth Series Scheduled for 2023

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Shannon Messenger, author of youth fiction novel series Keeper of the Lost Cities, is scheduled to be published in 2023, as she recently announced. Aladdin Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing, revealed the book was scheduled for 2023 this Wednesday. The book currently does not have a title, but Messenger is excited to finally end the series, especially after the last book’s cliffhanger ending. Legacy, the last book published in the series before this one, originally released in November of 2019. The book series centers on young heroine Sophie Foster, a Telepath that can read the minds of others. When she meets Fitz, another Telepath, the events of the series are set clear into motion. The book series’ first book was originally drafted in 2008, and later finally saw publication in the fall of 2012, which actually was the 20th draft of the book. Since then, Keeper of the Lost Cities has launched 8 books and sold worldwide. Ben Affleck is even planning to create a movie adaptation of the series.

Messenger was born in south California and grew up initially wanting to become a Disney animator. However, she felt that her ideas never came out on the page the way she pictured her art - until she took a screenwriting class in college. Enjoying what she did and feeling like she was good at it, Messenger ended up a film major at the University of Southern California. She lived a standard life for a while after graduating, but couldn’t get her mind off of stories, so she ultimately started dreaming up Keeper of the Lost Cities in the late 2000s. She spent a year world-building for the series, then began drafting the book over and over until the 20h draft was finally published in 2012. In addition to writing this series, Messenger also wrote the Sky Fall trilogy, a teen-oriented novel involving the romance of two young teenagers separated by storms.

"I knew from the very beginning that Sophie's story was huge. But it was hard to tell at that point how many books it would take to do the Keeper series justice. I'm incredibly grateful that my publisher and fans gave me the freedom, support, and enthusiasm to let the story unfold at its own pace," Messenger said in a statement. Prior to this, Messenger stated she planned to write at least 9 books for the series, and the book coming out in 2023 is meant to be a bonus volume shifting POVs between Sophie and another important character. The ninth book will be released in 2022, and the tenth book - this recently announced book - will finally cap off the series. The book will also contain many of the important world-building components that made up the series prior to this final turning point. Messenger seems excited to finally give the series the proper closure it deserves. The live-action adaptation of the series was confirmed earlier this year and will focus primarily on the first book in the series. Messenger stated that Affleck was familiar with the entire series and has no say in casting. However, it’s still exciting to see such a beloved series start coming to a close. More than 2 million copies of this series currently exist in print. The series has even been translated into other languages and placed on several state reading lists, so it’s clear Messenger has already created something memorable for youthful readers. Many more will likely be sold as Messenger hopes to deliver a satisfying conclusion to a story that has been created and developed for over 13 years.

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