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Gun Violence on the Rise...Again

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Gun violence has been terrorizing our country for decades now but in the past year, the Gun Violence Archive suggests that 2021 could be the worst year for gun violence the U.S. has seen in decades. From January 1st to September 15th more than 14,500 people were killed due to gun violence. As of right now at is putting gun violence at 1300 more casualties since 2020 but we also must remember that the world stood still for a bit due to the pandemic. During that time crime was at an all-time low for the United States. That still doesn’t excuse the monumental rise in crime since then. Just in late August, there were headlines in Columbus Ohio, News for five deaths, and plenty of others injured in a casual Saturday shooting.

These headlines seem to be coming in more and more with no signs of stopping. In the shooting that happened in late August, it was not just one singular shooting it was 3 separate shootings all on the same day. But due to shootings becoming so desensitized to our eyes news coverage tends to be few and far between. Looking at the data as of Sunday, Columbus has reached 135 homicides in 2021. Last year reaching a record of 175 homicides, it wasn't until Oct. 25 that the 135th homicide was recorded. At this point in 2020, there had been 88 homicides. One must sit and wonder when does it all stop, when does the violence gets better. In reality, we need to know what we can be doing to prevent this type of violence.

Columbus Police department is trying all they can to get these cases solved and get criminals off the streets. But as you can imagine with all the cases that seem to flood in every week that many officers and detectives are suffering from burnout. As of right now, the Columbus police have been able to solve half of the gun-related crimes from this past year but in retrospect, that is small in comparison to how much crime is getting committed. As of recent higher up’s in the police division have made changes in hopes to reduce burnout and boost the homicide case clearance rate, including reallocating police vehicles for homicide detectives and altering the unit's work schedules.

The police are also begging the public that if they know any information about any of the homicides or violence that has taken place to reach out to the department. The department is looking for all the help they can get in these trying times. Gun laws are still up in the air as of today, you can conceal and carry in most states making it difficult to know who you're safe with and who you aren’t. Not everyone should be allowed to have a gun but with just a few classes and a signing of a paper you too can have one This then makes the public uneasy and leads to more gun purchases and more room for an accident.

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