Another Unfortunate Cinderella Story

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Hollywood has been in the age of modernizing fairytales for a good span of the century. Society already knows that the prince wakes up Sleeping Beauty and that a man climbs Rapunzel's hair. But in the rise of the feminist movement more movie studios have pushed to reimagine these fairytales. That is exactly what Amazon Prime did in another reimagining of the Cinderella story. This reimaging would be the 10th since 2004 with Ella Enchanted the last being 2016’s A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits. Amazon’s reimaging was a bit of a shock to the public with how high-profile the cast was. The cast consisted of Camilla Cabello, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, and much more.

Not all star-studded casts make great movies though, there needs to be a solid script and story and unfortunately, there was not. There was also a lack of acting ability from Cinderella herself, the producers wanted the movie to be a musical so they higher Cabello a pop artist lacking acting ability. The movie's story focuses on Ella who wants to be a dressmaker who doesn’t aspire to be with a prince. The movie does some great things like making Ella self-aware of all of the fairytales' ridiculous tropes, adding a genderless fairy godmother, and showing the value in all women characters. But with the lack of ability of Cabello the movie came across bland and unmemorable.

Because we are living in a world where women can have a larger role and be in power more movies are showing that subtly without it feeling beaten upon by the viewer which happened in this case. Though many think that this reimagining could make producers take a second look at other fairytales it could also pigeonhole an already dying story. With this being the 10th recycle there was only so much new content that you could add to a simple story. If the movie wasn’t already so self-aware and had some lower-end celebrities the movie would’ve been a hit.

Just due to the fact we are watching a younger actress get her spotlight moment. It also seemed that the music took away from the story because the music was all covers of previously recorded pop music. There was one original song at the beginning of the movie but not enough to hold the movie together. Hollywood should be pushing itself to make new movies that show female empowerment instead of trying to revamp old fairytales. Especially live-action fairytales that only a select number of individuals will be watching. This movie just came across as a lame version of trying to be “woke” and with the times. If more care was put into the casting and the story then a beautiful movie would have been created. We do need more diversity in movie casting and casting a Latina in the role was a smart move but again added to the push of trying to be “woke”. Hollywood won't be fixed until originally comes back and respect for every actor and actress comes around.

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