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Girl Left for Dead by Roommates

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We all believe we know the person we are living with, at least we would like to think we do. So many horror movies have been made about the crazy roommate but unfortunately, one girl got to live out that movie. In Johnston, New York on February 14th was called out for a wellness check for 62-year-old Patricia Barter. The officers came in and spoke with her two roommates Stephanie Hillburn and Deborah Eglin but just like a movie, the officers noticed the two women getting nervous so he requested to speak to Barter. The officer searched the house only to find Barter’s lifeless body in her bed. Supposedly Barter had died of an accidental overdose the week of February 4th but her death was not reported to authorities. Barter’s roommates moved her body into her bedroom and just left her there as they went on through their daily lives.

Her roommates even went as far as to have parties and gatherings all while Barters body was hidden away in her room. Makes you wonder what they were even thinking in the first place. Officers claim that the two were scared that the officers would find illegal activity if they reported Barters death. But now they are in more severe trouble hiding the body for as long as they did. On Aug. 11, Stephanie Hillburn was found by Montgomery County Sherriff’s officers and arrested and charged with concealment of a human body. Barters' other roommate Deborah Eglin is already in New York State prison on unrelated charges but is due to be charged in this case as well. This was a tragic case of roommates gone wrong. They may have been doing other illegal activity but that shouldn't have stopped them from reporting Barter.

Her family and friends deserved to know what happened to her and by withholding that from them they caused so much more pain for themselves and her family. Though there is no official statement on what the relationship was between these roommates it just shows that not everyone can or should be trusted. Nowadays so many individuals are seeking random roommates for expense reasons, especially with how the housing market is more people need roommates to live with to lighten the expense.

Now just from knowing that Barter died of an overdose one may think that she and her roommates lived similar lifestyles but that doesn’t mean they were friends or even on good terms. The roommates hid her body and friends don’t do something as cruel as that. Lessons can be made from this, when searching for a roommate use trusted sites or use your network of friends. Also set boundaries and be aware of the people you are sharing space with. If something feels weird or off to you then move and change scenery. No one wants to end up the way Barter did, whether it was her fault or not she did not have roommates she could trust. Everyone deserves a safe and happy living experience.

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