'Devious Licks' Tik Tok Trend Impacts Schools

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It is no surprise that today's children and young adults are impressed by the world of technology. Nowadays everything is a trend or a meme. Internet culture is a real thing that is taking over. Younger ages don’t spend so much time staring at their TV screens but their phones or laptops. No app is more popular than Tik Tok at the moment, people of all ages are sharing content, making content, and having a good laugh. The impressive thing about Tik Tok is that it has an FYP meaning For You Page. This page/feed is watching what videos you like and which videos you stay on the longest to give you a feed strictly filtered for you. This is also based upon age, Tik Tok has tried very hard over the past year to monitor content for certain age categories.

Now with certain age groups being targeted, that means certain trends are being pushed on specific age groups. The trend going around for middle school and high school students is one called ‘devious licks’. A trend in which students steal soap from bathrooms, pull water fountains off the wall crime and even take turf from their prospective football field. The damage has hit schools across the country leaving principals and administration in disarray with an already struggling system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some schools have taken such strict measures as to taking locks off of stalls and having staff guard bathrooms. The destruction is so bad in many schools that bathrooms have now had to be closed due to not being able to have a functioning toilet.

Now, this is not the first time that a social media challenge or trend has taken over the world. Trends such as the tide pod challenge and the cinnamon challenge graced kids' screens and led to some harsh damage. Tik Tok has been trying to help schools by taking down the hashtag and taking down all videos with ‘devious licks’ content attached to them. This is all a good start in redirecting the positive attention these videos are getting from adolescents. One can only hope that with the teardown of these videos from Tik Tok and the stricter school reinforcement that the hype of this trend will die down and just be another thing of the past. Though some students are very concerned about what this means for big events such as senior pranks.

Senior pranks are some ways away with it being the beginning of the school year but this could have reproduction if the trend continues. So many students are seeing this challenge as something to be considered cool and something that will make them popular. But so few are aware of how much they are hurting themselves and fellow students. These “devious licks” are crimes that kids can get in serious trouble for but also this is a disruption to their classmates. Students can’t even use the bathroom properly now.

The need to be viral is starting to outweigh common sense. Teachers and administrators are trying to relay to students that what they post will stay with them for a long time. The internet is forever in most cases so for these students who participate in the challenge they run the risk of missing out on jobs and a future just from some silly video. Challenges and trends like these put into perspective what age we are living in. No one is safe from the internet but we can teach kids to make smarter choices. It may be as far as their favorite creators trying to promote good behaviors. But for now, we can only hope that this trend stops soon.

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