The Probe on the Trump Organization is Fostering a Policy of Division

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After Donald Trump was elected out of the White House, many eyes have turned to the practices of the former president’s business empire. The investigation into the Trump Organization has been underway since 2019, starting as a civil probe, but since then it has become a full investigation.

Several actions of the organization have been brought into question, and authorities are concerned as to whether the organization misled insurance companies about the value of the assets they were selling. Thus, a full investigation was launched in order to properly assess the situation. Joining the criminal investigation is NY Attorney General Letitia James, who’s spokesperson stated,

We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA.

Regardless of whether these probes are founded or not, this will no doubt become another dividing point for Americans. Donald Trump was quoted labeling these probes as“corrupt” and that this was simply the act of a democratic “witch hunt”. The fact that James and several other members of the investigation are democrats will only give people on the opposite side of the spectrum a reason to doubt their motives.

In actuality, it doesn’t matter who you are or what part of the political spectrum you fall on. If something doesn’t seem right with how a person conducts themselves in business, that should be looked into. It’s not a matter of a witch hunt, and it’s honestly very irresponsible to once again pit Republicans and Democrats against each other when we are already divided enough as a country.

This should not be a matter of winning for our “team”, but to investigate a business in order to ensure they have conducted themselves appropriately. No matter what happens throughout the course of this investigation, everyone should make an effort to remember that.

The only way to seek justice, if there is a need for it, is to look at the situation through an impartial lens. This is a business, one under suspicion of criminal practices. If we make it about one side or the other, that only gets in the way of the investigation in the long run.

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