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Woman rushed to ER for threats of suicide immediately following abortion

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A woman was taken to the emergency room after undergoing an abortion in Chicago earlier this year — but this time, it was apparently not due to a botched abortion. Instead, the woman became suicidal afterward and was threatening to harm herself.

According to Operation Rescue, the 20-year-old woman had an abortion in April at Family Planning Associates Medical Group. Though the circumstances around her abortion are not certain, the 911 call requesting help made it clear that the woman immediately suffered a mental health crisis.

“We have a patient who just underwent an abortion,” the staffer said to the 911 dispatcher. “Everything is physically fine with her, but she is having a mental health crisis. She’s threatening, uh, suicide, she’s trying to harm herself… so we need to get her to a hospital.”

As is typical in abortion-related emergencies, the staffer tried to discourage emergency officials from responding through the front door, and was not forthcoming about the patient’s location until after being asked multiple times.

It is not unusual for women to experience this kind of instant regret or anguish after an abortion. In fact, it’s so prevalent that even some Planned Parenthood centers have kept grief journals in their recovery rooms for women to use after their abortions. Multiple former Planned Parenthood workers have spoken about how the messages in these journals were so emotional and painful to read that they couldn’t read them in full.

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“The women would cry… 99% of people were not happy, and there were journals in the back room — in the recovery room — that the women were encouraged to write in, to kind of get their feelings out. And I could never read them in full because I cried too hard,” Crystal Eldridge, a former Planned Parenthood manager, said. She added that the women wrote about grief and regret, and “that they planted flowers in the rose garden for the babies, and that they didn’t want to have to do that [abortion], that they didn’t know of any other way.”

There are additionally thousands upon thousands of women who have spoken about the pain they feel after undergoing an abortion.

“This is just one of countless examples of the deep, emotional damage that happens in women after realizing they have taken part in the deaths of their own babies,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

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