Patriots scored winning touchdown seconds before game ends

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The New York Jets first game from their rest week, ended on a bismal note. Last Sunday the Jets headed into their rest week with a win over the Buffalo Bills. The Bills currently holds the second spot in the AFC East. If the Jets had won this match they would have ascended to the top of their division. After this defeat, the NY Jets has 14 consecutive losses to the NE Patriots. What is next for the Robert Saleh and his Jets?

It all came down to the very last 1 minute of the game

The Jets and the New England Patriot have a long history. They have Lost to the Patriots 13 times before, including once this season. On their first game back from their rest week, the Jets were given another opportunity to break the 13 consecutive losing streak to the Patriots. And right up to the final 26 seconds the game was tied at 3-3. A last minute touchdown by Marcus Jones, on a punt gave the Patriots the break they needed. The game ended at 10-3 for the Patriots.

Where do the Jets stand and what’s next for them?

Before the game today, the New York Jets were sitting in second position of the AFC East division. According to stats from NFL website the Jets are at the bottom of this division, with 6 wins and 4 loses, two of which were against the Patriots.

In the wake of this defeat, this is not the end of the road for the Jets. In the coming weeks the Jets have to face off against the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and a rematch with the Bills respectively, over the next 3 weeks. Can they make it to the playoffs, we’ll that depends on the outcome of the next 3 games.

Lets review

The New York Jets lost For the 14th consecutive game against the New England Patriots. Both teams defense and offense played extraordinaril up to the last minute of the game. Patriot, Marcus Jones had a 84-yards return touchdown on the punt, winning the game for the Patriots. The Jets now rank last in the AFC East division after this loss.

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