No heat TikTok curlers are the current trends for hairstyles.


Social Media giant, Tik Tok, has established another trend in beauty and hairstyles. Both Tik Tokers and Youtubes have adopted the heatless curler for all hair types. In just one night, influencers on Tik Tok and YouTube videotaped their review of the curling method. Tik Tok influencers like @kayli.boyle illustrate how she curled her hair and revealed her catwalk-ready curls in the morning. Millions worldwide have tried and left their comments on vlogs and blogs. Is Tik Tok's heatless curler as effective as many claims expert blogs gave their reviews?

Glamour editors tried the no heat curler from Tik Tok.

In a recent article on the Glamour website, the editors of the blogging site shared their review of the trending hair curling method. Talia Gutierrez, beauty assistant at Glamour, braided wet her naturally curly hair in a stocking overnight. Her desired results came after she curled were dry hair overnight using the same method. Bella Cacciatore, a beauty associate, and author of the article recommend keeping the hair tied for two days. Curls are allowed to develop and appear fluffier. Macaela Mackenzie, senior health editor a skeptic of 'do-something-with-your-damp-hair-and-wake-up-looking-like-Blake-Lively hacks,' tried this trend. She remained a skeptic since her waves were 'too crimpy.' But She did comment on the volume the braids added to her hair. Khaliha Hawkins, a producer, commented overall, 'not a bad look.' However, she recommends braiding in four parts for better results.

Overall, Tik Tok's heatless curling hairstyle has positive reviews from the editorial team of the Glamour website.

HuffPost review of Tik Tok's heatless curling style.

Tik Tok's trending heatless curler has made its way onto popular blogging websites like HuffPost. In the article How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using This TikTok-Famous Tool, the author Tessa Flores shares her review of the curling rod. The internet-sensation curling rod requires twisting your hair, wet or dry, around the rod with results after one night. Once done correctly, Flores claims you can have long-lasting, fluffy, and bouncy curls.

Flores commented on two benefits of using the heatless curler. One notable benefit of this curling rod is its ability to create 'rounded curling iron-looking ringlets' without heat damage and 'frizzy' hair. Additionally, she noted that it is soft and comfortable enough to sleep.

What is the verdict, heat or no heat?

After numerous reviews on several blogging websites, the verdict is in. Is the Tik Tok heatless hair curler worth the hype? According to Lily Kartiganer, author of a Mashable article, the Tik Tok hair curler is 'fine.' She describes this method as a fun, heat-free way to curl your hair. However, The results are not the same as with a curling iron. The heatless curler will not be her go-to for an event.

Stylecaster author recommends trying this hair curling method before making any conclusions. SUMMER CARTWRIGHT, author of TikTok Discovered The Easiest Way to Achieve Perfect Heatless Curls, Thanks to These Funky Hair Tools, highlights the time-saving benefits of using the heatless curling rod. Also,

Three editors from 'Allure' website also tried the heatless hair curling method using a sock instead of a curling rod. According to the article, success varies from person to person. They conclude that 'finer' hair dries faster, and one editor recommends using hairspray to hold the curls in place.

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DISCLAIMER: The author of this article is NOT a professional hairstylist. The opinions shared are inferences based on the facts researched. All facts presented were researched and extracted from haircare and health sources. All sources are supported by editors of hairstylist editors and influencers.

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