Five Airplane Incidents From April 2023

Lisa Martens

Everyone just wants to get to their destination on time, but sometimes passenger behavior, airline rules, or airplane repairs get in the way. These five incidents happened in April 2023:

You Can't Always Bring Your Cello

A couple flying from Palm Springs to Washington, Dulles, had a layover in Dallas...but were told they would have to wait for a larger plane. The reason? They were bringing a cello.

While American Airlines does allow a cello to be brought aboard if you buy a ticket for the instrument, unfortunately, the size of the aircraft has to be considered. The couple could either check the instrument, or wait for a larger plane. They agreed to check the cello.

"If you choose to buy an additional seat for your instrument, please note that seat bags must not weigh more than 165 lbs / 75 kg and must meet seat size restrictions based on airplane type," the American Airlines website states.

Wait, you can use tape to fix a plane?

A recent recording of a worker putting tape on a Spirit plane has gone viral. Posted by TikTok user @ myhoneysmacks, the worker can be seen performing maintenance on the aircraft's left wing at Nashville International airport.

"I don’t care if it is aviation airplane tape or nothing, the fact that you have to tape the plane together and then you doing it while people are on the flight like we cannot see you," the TikToker said.

However, some commenters assured the poster that the tape performs minor repairs on airplanes, even on other airlines like SouthWest. "I’m an airplane mechanic every and I mean every airline uses speed tape on planes," one comment reads.

Window is smashed during mid-air fight

An Australian flight had to be grounded twice after two altercations broke out on a flight from Cairns to Darwin. Footage shows someone appearing to strike a passenger with a bottle, and a window was smashed.

Four people were arrested in connection with the incident and face charges including intentionally endangering the safety of others, aggravated assault, damage to property, and disorderly behavior in a public place.

Brawl grounds easyJet flight for a DOZEN unruly passengers

On April 22nd, an easyJet pilot was forced to ground an aircraft and call police to deal with about a dozen "troublesome passengers" on the Liverpool to Tenerife flight.

The passengers were taken into custody and interrogated before being deported back to the United Kingdom. It is possible that authorities will send the offending passengers fines.

American Airlines passenger uses another passenger as a urinal

Disgusting! A drunk and unruly passenger flying from JFK to Delhi allegedly urinated on another passenger during the 15-hour flight. American Airlines confirmed that a "disruption" happened on the flight, and the aircraft was met by law enforcement upon landing.

This is shockingly the third time since last year that a passenger has relieved themselves on another passenger during this JFK to Delhi flight. A similar incident happened in March 2023 and November 2022.

What are some ways to be a kind passenger?

1. Keep your smelly shoes on.

2. Do not bring strong-smelling foods aboard.

3. Keep items you'll need during your flight handy/on you so you don't need to dig into the overhead bin.

4. Use headphones for your movies and music.

5. Listen to flight attendants and follow safety rules without being reminded.

6. Sit in your assigned seat.

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