7 Jobs For Digital Nomads

Lisa Martens

I have been working remotely for six years, and I love it.

Apparently, I'm not the only one!

In 2020, there were about 6 million digital nomads. In 2021, that number grew to 10 million! Join the movement with a remote job.

Here are just 7 ideas to get you started on your digital nomad journey:

Fitness Instructor

While it sounds a bit strange, if you have a good internet connection, you can be a fitness instructor online! I have known dancers, yoga instructors, and energy healers who do all of their work remotely. If you have fast internet and good equipment (wireless headphones are essential), this can be a way to bring your passion on the road.

Fitness instructors are also regularly needed in hotels and hostels, so being a traveling instructor is another possibility.

Writing Code

At this point, we all know writing code is an easy way to get a remote job. Not only that, but salaries tend to be higher than most of the other options on this list. Coders are always in demand, and average salary often clears six figures, like the $107,529 average salary for JavaScript or $115,066 for Python.

Accountant or Paralegal

More and more, even "regular" traditional jobs are switching. If you're an accountant, paralegal, or have another profession that you think might not be flexible enough to work remotely, check again! Since COVID, more businesses are implementing remote work policies...so that you don't necessarily need to change your entire career around working remotely.


I am a writer, but not just for my blogs...I have also written ads, website content, translations, and more. I have also written radio content and books.

If you are a good writer or if you have a knack for copy, see what freelance opportunities are available for you! I recommend creating a portfolio of work, and if you do not have one, create samples to show clients your writing style.

Visual Arts

Every blog and website needs photos! If you take great pictures, you can sell them to open-source websites, or you can have your own clients. I have known a few traveling photographers who take pictures of retreats and events and then sell those photos to hotels or event planners for them to use in their marketing campaigns.

Customer Service

Websites need customer service agents as fewer people use telephones. While some of this can be automated, we all know sometimes a person is best. Apps and social media sites also always need moderators, a billing department, and a feedback department. All of those positions can be done 100% on a computer!

Unique Side Hustles

Get creative with your own side hustles and turn them into remote jobs! I have seen day traders, mandala-makers, painters, and more turn their favorite projects into full-time jobs.

Protip: Don't change your whole life.

Many people believe becoming a digital nomad has to mean changing your entire career. It can if you want it to, but from my experience, taking the skills and career you already have and converting it to a remote job is the best way to be successful. You'll already be taking on the added responsibility of traveling a lot...which is fun but exhausting. Do yourself a favor and utilize the skills, passion, and connections you already have to make it happen!

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