DIY Basketball Candy Bouquet

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Looking for the perfect gift for a basketball coach or player?  Need a centerpiece for the next basketball party or banquet?  You’re going to wow everyone with this DIY Basketball Centerpiece!  It’s really fun to make and it looks incredible!!!
DIY Basketball Candy Bouquet that doubles as a CenterpiecePhoto

If you’re planning a basketball party in the near future, whether it be an end of the year party for a high school team, a party to watch an NBA game, or a March madness party, you’re going to want to make this Basketball Centerpiece!

The key to a great party is to good food and good friends! Head to the store to make sure you have everything you need to make plenty of great food like this Gameday Bacon Ranch Cheddar Dip or this White Queso Dip. And while you’re at it, you’ll want to get the stuff necessary to make this fabulous DIY Basketball Centerpiece.  It’ll seriously be the talk of the party.

Here's what you'll need: {These are affiliate links which means I'll make a small commission if you purchase through these links.}

You can get most of these things at Dollar Tree, so don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune on them!

DIY Basketball Centerpiece Instructions

To begin with, figure out what part of the basketball you want to be the top of your centerpiece.  I chose to put the logo side down so that the side you see of the basketball is free of any writing.

Next, using a utility knife, cut a square the same size as your floral foam in the top of the basketball. If you are using round floral foam, you’ll want to cut a circle about the same size as your floral foam.  This will be the centerpiece opening.
Basketball with a hole cut out for foamPhoto
If you’re not comfortable randomly cutting into the top of your basketball, feel free to trace your floral foam with a marker.  The marker will come off if you use rubbing alcohol.
Next you’ll want to add your glass gems to the bottom of the basketball.  This is to keep the basketball from getting top-heavy and falling over.  You could also use balloon weights, sand, or gravel.
Once your gems are in place, add your foam to the inside of the basketball.  If your foam is not tall enough, stack multiple pieces of foam so that it sticks up a little above the outside of the basketball.  I used a bamboo skewer to keep my 3 piece of foam together.
Basketball with floral foam in it for DIY Candy BouquetPhoto

Next you’ll want to cut your tablecloth into 4-6 inch squares.  It’s ok if they’re not perfect (or even close to perfect).  Once you have your pile of squares, grab 2 opposite corners of each square and pinch them towards each other.
Pinching your plastic tablecloth together to make your basketball centerpiece more decorativePhoto

Next take your floral pin and place around the center of the square then stick into your floral foam.

You’ll want to alternate colors and go all the way around the floral foam.  I think it looks best with 2-3 rows of tablecloth squares.

Next, you’ll want to attach your candy to the bamboo skewers.  Depending on the type of candy wrapper, you may want to use packing tape instead of scotch tape.  Also, your centerpiece will look best if all of your candy is facing the same direction so you may want to lay all your candy out in the way you’d like it displayed before you begin taping.  You can buy bamboo skewers in all different lengths, but I bought the long ones and broke them into shorter pieces for the front few rows.  They’re really easy to break.

Now just add your skewers of candy to your foam in an artful display and voila…you have a basketball centerpiece!

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