Setting Up a Home Office Quickly When Your Employer Sends You Home Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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A quiet, well-light corner is a perfect spot for a home office when you work remotely.Ian Harber/Unsplash

When you worked at the office, you might have dreamed of working at home. And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and working remotely was the only option. If you've been asked to work remotely, one thing you can't do is set up your laptop at the kitchen table and get to work. Being successful as a remote employee requires space and equipment that will help you perform at the level your boss expects.

Where to Set Up

A dedicated room with a door you can close is a great choice if you want to avoid distractions. But if space is limited, a sitting room nook, bedroom corner, or a quiet breakfast nook can do the job. Try to select a spot in your home with plenty of natural lighting to boost your mood as you work.

Essential Equipment

Your home base should include everything you need to get your work done. While your own daily business tasks can give you a good idea of the supplies you need, here are a few basic essentials:

  • A high-quality desktop or laptop computer with a comfortably large screen (your employer may provide you with the computer you need to be productive)
  • A desk lamp for extra lighting

Comfortable Furniture

A desk is the heart of a home office. The best desks offer enough space for your computer monitor and office appliances. Larger desks give you more task space for going over paperwork, while a compact desk works well in limited spaces. When choosing a chair, keep in mind that stools and trendy kitchen chairs look better than they feel. A comfortable seat and lumbar support are essential, and a height-adjustable chair with wheels and a swivel caters to your ever-changing posture and work tasks.

Make Your Home Office Shine

Just because a home office is efficient doesn't mean it has to be boring. Decorate your work space to suit you. Hang motivational prints on the wall, use the energetic colours you love, and place a few plants for a natural touch. If you really want to create an awesome home office, you could even design a little break room complete with a mini coffee station and gourmet snacks.

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