Why You Should Shorten Your Work Day When You Work Remotely

Lisa Goetz

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Not having enough time to accomplish important things in life is a problem for many employees. Though many employers offer flexible scheduling, you may feel as though you need to show up early and stay late, whether or not you're accomplishing your goals.

Studies show that shorter work days and shorter work weeks result in employees who are happier and enjoy a greater quality of life with no loss of productivity. If you’ve been asked to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, rely on strong time-management techniques to shorten your time at work.

Say No More Often

How often does your workday get eaten up because other people have asked you to do them favors? While you want to work collaboratively with your co-workers, you don't have to end up staying late because someone else didn't get their work done.

The solution? Offer to schedule the task you're being asked to do for a later time, and add it into your own workflow. Don't let busywork sap your energy away from important tasks, and don't fall into the trap of racing to complete something that a co-worker thinks is urgent when you have your own work to do. If you're the boss, encourage your employees to stick to their own priority lists.

Plan Each Day Ahead of Time

If you sit down at your desk in the morning and you're not sure what you need to accomplish for the day, you stand a good chance of both failing to accomplish what's needed and lengthening your workday, rather than shortening it.

To make sure that this doesn't happen, at the end of each work day, take 10 minutes to make a to-do list for the next day. You can then go home without fretting about what awaits you tomorrow. In the morning when you login to your laptop, take another 10 minutes to prioritize your to-do list and make any changes. The boost in your productivity from this quick 20-minute exercise is likely to be significant.

Having a healthy work-life balance is the key to getting more done and reclaiming a few hours everyday to enjoy life. Remember, if you're up till 2 a.m., there's a very good chance you won't operate at peak efficiency the next day. Eating healthy, getting exercise, and getting enough sleep are all key to the kind of productivity that allows you to get more done in a shorter workday.

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