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Where to Get the Best Deals on Groceries in Charlottesville, VA

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You might have to visit several supermarkets in Charlottesville to find the best deals on groceries.Charles Gao/Unsplash

On the face of it, Charlottesville can seem like an expensive community, especially when you're on a budget. The cost of groceries in Charlottesville largely depends on where you shop in the types of grocery items you normally buy. Todays consumers are galvanized along organic versus conventional lines.

Generally speaking, conventionally produced grocery items tend to be cheaper, but not always. If you’re looking to save money you might plan to catch sales at several supermarkets in Charlottesville to get the best deals. These popular grocery stores across the small city offer a wide selection of items and prices that might help you manage your grocery budget and save.

Whole Foods

With just one location at 1797 Hydraulic Road, Whole Foods is one of the most expensive supermarkets in Charlottesville. The grocery retailer sells a wide range of organic produce, packaged goods and deli eats and treats made from the finest ingredients. Whether or not Whole Foods can offer you deals depends on what you’re buying.

If you’re in the market for a natural product that isn’t widely sold outside of health food stores, Whole Foods is probably the best place to buy. The rational is that the price is probably better at Whole Foods than at a smaller health food supermarket because of the bulk price Whole Foods can get on the wholesale end. Whole Foods also has various targeted sales throughout the year, so if you mark your calendar you might be able to catch a sale on normally high-priced items like vitamins spices and organic meats.


If you're watching your budget and there's with no room for extras, your best bet for grocery shopping might be Kroger. The grocery retailer has strategic locations across Charlottesville at Barracks Road, North Emmet Street, and Rio Hill Center where you can find national brands.

Kroger has a few organic and health food-type selections, but generally, people shop at Kroger save money on popular, conventionally produced brands. Like any other supermarke, your best bet for saving even more money is to watch for sales. We can also plan your grocery shopping for Wednesdays, the day the supermarket launches most of its weekly specials.


If you like buying in bulk, you might choose Costco as your main grocery retailer of choice. Costco sells just about everything you would need for your pantry in large quantities which can save you money and also time if you’re a busy person. The main challenge with buying in bulk at Costco is that you need to be able to afford, for example, three packages of a grocery item bundled together, instead of one. Conveniently located on the busy 29 North across from the main post office in Charlottesville, it’s best to plan your shopping on a weekday since weekends are busiest, crowded and grocery items tend to sell out quickly.

Other supermarkets in Charlottesville where you can compare prices include Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Foods of All Nations, Reid and Integral Yoga Natural Foods.

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