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Top Leisurely Things to Do Solo or With a Group in Reston, VA

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Companies like Google and Oracle have made Reston famous. But long before the sleepy suburb became a favorite spot for tech companies to set up shop, Reston served as an example of how residential, green and recreational spaces could co-exist. Designed by real estate developer Robert E. Simon in the 1960s, present-day Reston offers a wealth of fun and exciting places to experience. Here is a sampling of things for residents and visitors to do in Reston.

Stroll the Reston Town Center

Built around the enchanting Fountain Square, Reston Town Center resembles an outdoor plaza, so it's a great place to get some fresh air, window shop and exercise. The town center has office buildings, retail stores, and many restaurants and cafes for sampling world cuisine. In the summertime, the covered pavilion offers shelter during concerts and other outdoor events. Reston Town Center also has an outdoor ice skating rink, open in the winter, where visitors and locals meet to enjoy the popular sport.

Commune with Nature

Visit the 76-acre Walker Nature Center to enjoy an outdoor experience designed for solo visitors and groups. The center delivers fun and engaging educational activities for all ages within its unique Nature House. If you have children in your group, bring them to enjoy interacting with animals, exhibits, and other aspects of the center's youth-focused nature program. The center also has short loop trails where you can enjoy walking in the woods and birdwatching in a safe environment. The center offers restrooms and a picnic area, allowing you to sit and relax while having your favorite beverage and snack.

Bike or Hike Around a Lake

Get out your bicycle or walking shoes and burn off calories around Lake Thoreau Loop Trail. The two-mile trail is a favorite for dog walkers and families with strollers. The trail meanders through residential communities, which is a treat if you're an architecture enthusiast. Some parts of Lake Thoreau Trail are challenging and are not suitable for children or adults with limited mobility.

Note that for indoor dining and other indoor activities, you smay be required to follow public health guidelines such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

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