Lady surprises boyfriend with brand new Range Rover on his birthday

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A young man has received a brand new Range Rover from his girlfriend.
Lady surprises boyfriend with brand new Range Rover as birthday giftTwitter/MickzWrites

The lady shared a video of the moment she presented the car to him and his expression connoted doubt.

She blindfolded her man and led him to a car park where the new whip was parked and revealed that it belongs to him.

He initially did not believe her, but she repeatedly reassured him that she bought the car for him.

When he eventually came to terms with the fact that she actually got it for him, he screamed. They eventually hopped into the new Range Rover and went for a drive.

The video was shared by Twitter user @MickzWrites with the caption:

" Ranger Rover for his birthday ? Okay lads don’t ever accept shit gifts from women again"

Watch the video below:

The video has garnered massive reactions on Twitter as tweeps shared their 2 cents on the viral video.

Read some of the commentaries below:

"ain’t no gettin out of this relationship now”

" All the women saying “boyfriend???” Please respect yourselves "

" I’m sorry but id never do this for a boyfriend, he’d have to be my husband. He could be cheating or he could leave you, have next gyal in the car nahhh "

" Find it funny when it's the girlfriend gifting yall have a problem but a boyfriend can give his whole 401k and Mercedes and yall hyping it up. "

" you’re not wrong. it’s a double standard. i guess it’s because men are suppose to provide for their women so they don’t see a problem with it"

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