3 Wondrous Small Towns in Alaska

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Alaska is a land of contrasts, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its cities and villages. The state's major cities, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau, offer a wide range of shopping, lodging, and transportation options. However, it is Alaska's small towns that provide the best glimpse into the eccentric, independent, and giving attitude that defines "The Great Land."

From the bustling fishing village of Kodiak to the remote Native American village of Yakutat, Alaska's small towns offer a unique and intimate look at life in this vast and wild state. So if you're looking for a true taste of Alaska, be sure to include one of these charming small towns in your itinerary.


Talkeetna is a small town located in central Alaska at the confluence of three major glacier rivers. Visitors to Talkeetna can experience the dramatic scenery of these glacial rivers up close by taking a river trip or an air tour.

A river trip is a great way to see the glaciers and their massive ice flows up close. You can float downstream on a raft or canoe, and get an up-close view of the glaciers as they calve and send huge chunks of ice into the water. Be sure to dress warmly, as even in summer the temperatures can be cold near the glaciers.

An air tour is the best way to appreciate the scale of the glaciers and their rivers. From a bird's eye view, you can see how the three rivers converge and how they flow through the mountains. You can also get a sense of how vast and empty this part of Alaska is. Air tours are typically conducted in small planes or helicopters, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to take photos and enjoy the scenery.


Homer, Alaska is a small town with a big personality. Situated on the shores of Kachemak Bay, Homer is known for its stunning natural beauty, as well as its rich history and vibrant arts community.

The town's thriving gallery scene and abundance of public art make it a must-see for any art lover, while its proximity to glaciers, wildlife refuges, and hiking trails make it the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you're looking to enjoy some beautiful scenery or explore Alaska's rich cultural heritage, Homer is sure to have something for you.


Valdez, Alaska is a stunning town located in Prince William Sound. The town is best known for being the southern terminus of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and for its spectacular scenery.

Situated at the base of a snow-capped mountain, Valdez is surrounded by pristine glaciers, fjords, and forests. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy kayaking, fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching in the area. In addition, there are several museums and historic sites to explore in Valdez.

Visitors can learn about the town's Gold Rush history and the 1964 earthquake that devastated the area. With its gorgeous setting and rich history, Valdez is a must-visit destination in Alaska.

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