3 Impressive Small Towns in Kentucky

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Visitors to Kentucky tend to gravitate toward the state's major cities, but its small towns are also worth exploring. Authentic Kentucky culture can be found in these locales, and their size makes them easy to explore.

Furthermore, the pace of life is slower in these towns, and visitors will usually find the locals to be friendly and welcoming. Overall, if you are looking for an authentic Kentucky experience, be sure to include some of the state's small towns on your itinerary.


The beautiful scenery and rich history of Hodgenville, Kentucky make it a wonderful place to visit. The town is best known as the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, and visitors can visit the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park to learn more about his life.

Hodgenville is also home to the Lincoln Museum, which exhibits artifacts associated with the 16th president. In addition to its historical significance, Hodgenville provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The Nolin River flows through the town, making it a great location for hiking and fishing. And with several state parks nearby, there are plenty of trails to explore.

The town of Hodgenville offers something to all visitors, whether they are captivated by history or nature.


In the heart of horse country, Midway, Kentucky is a picturesque historic town. Midway is also home to several world-renowned horse farms, as well as the nearby Kentucky Horse Park, which is a must-see for horse enthusiasts.

Along with its equestrian heritage, Midway is also known for its charming downtown, which is lined with shops and restaurants. The town also houses a number of art galleries and museums, making it a popular destination for anyone interested in the arts.

Midway is an excellent example of a small town that has managed to preserve its history and character while also offering a variety of amenities and activities for visitors.


Augusta, Kentucky is a hidden treasure in the Bluegrass State. Augusta is a picturesque city and haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

With its winding river valleys and lush forests, the town provides ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and camping. Augusta is also home to a vibrant arts community. Visitors can enjoy local theater productions, live music, and art galleries.

Additionally, there are several unique shops and restaurants that provide a taste of the town's history and culture. No matter what kind of getaway you are looking for, Augusta is sure to satisfy your needs.

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