Record snowfall and precipitation for Twin Cities to start out January 2023

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According to the National Weather Service Twin Cities/Chanhassen, Minnesota Climate Report, on January 4, 2022, the Twin Cities broke a couple of records following the heavy precipitation that fell during the ongoing snowstorm.

When it comes to liquid precipitation, the Twin Cities recorded 0.61 inches of precipitation, which breaks the 1997 record of 0.57 inches. The normal value for liquid precipitation for this time of year is 0.03 inches, putting the Twin Cities 0.58 inches above normal.

Another record that the Twin Cities broke was for daily snowfall. The Twin Cities saw 8.8 inches of snow on January 4th, breaking the record set back in 1910 of 3.2 inches. The normal snowfall amount for January 4th is 0.3 inches, putting the Twin Cities 8.5 inches above normal. For the month, the Twin Cities has seen 14.9 inches of snow, which is 13.5 inches above the normal. The 2022-2023 total season snowfall for the Twin Cities is already at 48.1 inches. That is a whopping 27.7 inches above normal. Last year by this time, the Twin Cities only had 22.7 inches of snow, so the Twin Cities is already 25.4 inches above what they saw last year by this time.

Using the NOAA Online Weather Data we compare the Twin Cities' seasonal snowfall so far this year to the total snowfall for the 2021-2022 season, the Twin Cities only need another 2.1 inches of snow to tie what the Twin Cities saw in total last year, which was 50.2 inches. The mean seasonal snowfall for the Twin Cities dating back to 1999 is 50.8 inches. When comparing monthly snowfall for the Twin Cities, the max snow seen in the month of January since 1999 is 22.7 inches of snow, which was back in 2014.

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