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Is full-time RV living brilliant or insane?

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If you’re considering the RV lifestyle, you may be silently asking yourself – is full-time RV living brilliant or insane? We asked ourselves the same thing.

We were very comfortable with our lifestyle back in Traverse City, Michigan. We had both lived in the area for several years, had great local jobs, and great friends and family we could rely on.

In 2018, we bought our first home together, and were absolutely in love with how adorable it was, and loved doing DIY projects around the house.

One Sunday morning in 2020, we woke up and talked about how difficult it was being away from so many other people we loved and cared about across the U.S.

That Sunday morning as Beth was washing dishes and I was making coffee, I said “What if we just go?”

“What do you mean?” my wife asked.

“I mean, what if we lived on the road so we could see all the people we love?” I explained.

Both our faces lit up – this idea is either brilliant or insane.

One of my favorite things that Beth and I have in common is when an idea is sparked that sets our hearts on fire, we have no choice but to explore it.

So we did. Immediately.

We sat down in our living room and started walking through every aspect of RV living, starting with the reasons it seemed brilliant.

Why full-time RV living is brilliant

  • Seeing the people we love without having to use all of our vacation time at work
  • Never having to live in the snow again
  • Exploring new foods, vegetation, and habitats
  • Visiting all vacation destinations without spending a fortune
  • Deciding where we want to go and how long we want to stay

Why full-time RV living is insane (for us)

On the flip side, these are the things about *us* full-time RV living that seemed a smidge insane:

  • We had never camped or hauled a trailer before
  • We knew nothing *about* RV’s
  • We were in the middle of a global pandemic
  • We had no one to teach us any of this stuff (or so we thought)

After much discussion, here was our answer to the initial question.

Is full-time RV living insane or brilliant? Both!

Was it absolutely insane for us to sell everything we owned when we had no prior experience? Yes.

Was it brilliant for us to find a creative way to see the world, have more adventures, and live a life of freedom? Also yes.

The truth is, there were very few reasons that this idea was “insane” that we didn’t have control over. Most of our reasons that this seemed crazy were simply our own inexperience…and we could fix that shit, no problem!

If you’re curious about the idea of living life on the road full-time in an RV but are nervous because you don’t know how (yet), we totally get that feeling. We were exactly where you are.

Our Advice

Here are the two pieces of advice we can offer:

  1. Go here to check out our blog: The #1 Thing to do Before Living in an RV
  2. Do not let the fear of temporary challenges take away from your potentially amazing future

Whether you live in a home, an RV, a yurt, an igloo…you will always have challenges. With an RV, the challenges are just different.

We had quite a few challenges in our first home. Within the first year, we had to replace our water heater, stove, washer, dryer, shower head and handle, and a back door that let tons of water in when it rained.

Did we know how to do any of those things? No.

Did we figure it out with some help? Yes!

We had no idea what homeownership would be like but we didn’t let that stop us from buying a home.

So if you’re thinking about full-time RV living with no prior experience – just remember, it’s not about what you have or haven’t done, it’s about what you’re willing to figure out for the freedom on the other side. Action inspires confidence – the more you learn, grow, and do, the more your confidence grows, and the more capable you feel to tackle new challenges.

Coming at you from 1.5 years on the road, we say full-time RV living is both brilliant and insane, and absolutely a new challenge worth tackling.

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