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On Sunday morning, April 19th, we were in our kitchen together - my (now) wife, Beth was doing the dishes and I was making coffee. She mentioned how much she missed our friends and family that lived across the US, and how challenging it was to use what little vacation time we had to travel to the people we love. A few minutes into our conversation, I blurted out, “well, what if we just went??” Beth looked at me, “🧐 what do you mean ‘just went’?” “I mean - what if we just sold our house and traveled 🤷🏻‍♀️ What if we spent as much time with our people as we wanted?” Beth: “😲” Court: “I don’t want to wait until we’re retired to spend time with the people we love and see the world, do you?" Beth: “🤩” *Beth whipped out our finances and begins crunching numbers* Now this plan might not seem totally wild if we were big-time into camping and traveling, but here’s the catch, neither of us had camped before 🤷‍♀️ but we were determined to figure it out.

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Full-time RV couple in our 30's teaching other couples how to sell everything they own and join the full-time RV lifestyle! You can expect RV beginner resources from us in blog form, as well as "edutainment" Youtube Vlogs capturing our journey!

Palm Springs, CA

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