Opera singer and dancers make the evening way more romantic...

One of my favorite botanic gardens ever! Perfect for a COVID safe date, picnic, self-care day, you name it. Also, you can get some cute IG pics hehe

Give yourself a couple of hours here if you want to spend good quality time looking at everything and learning about all the different plant species and habitats. I recommend bringing a snack, some water, and maybe even have lunch!

Recently we visited the Denver Botanic Gardens for the Canciones of or World Event, held by the Denver Opera on May 14th, 2021 @ 6pm. The Gardens are lovely in the evening light and mis May, the Lilac hill was in full bloom. All of the tulips of different varieties were in bloom.all over the park. The opera singer was so beautiful as was her dress, the dancers were incredible as were all of the costumes.

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