Saving Cute Baby Ducks

The baby ducks jumped into my pool and got stuck. We put ramps in the pool but they would not use them. Finally, I jumped into the pool and chased them around until they were all out. There were in the pool for a very long time. Sometimes the mother had trouble getting out of the pool. After seeing them around 6am, leaving a pool float hanging off the side, and going to work, they were still stuck in the pool. The duck were in the pool for at least 8-10 hours minimum. This has happened in the past and over time the ducks would get sucked into the pool filters and drown. I used a hand towel to catch them so I did not touch them with my hands. After they were all out the mother accepted them all back and took them to the stream that is on the other side of the pool fence. Notes: we do have a pool net, however, the net is flat, it is not like a normal net so the ducks could jump out.

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