Creating a new way of life at age 50, a true-life story, Part One

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I know I am not the only one! Not the first time nor the last time I have needed to rethink my life and look at moving in a new direction. There are moments when a person comes to an impasse, something we feel is holding us back, and a new path is calling. It is time to write a new chapter. Age 53 now, I look back 14 years to the beginning of such a moment.

In 2008 I found myself unhappy and ready for change. My research begins with going online and seeking volunteer work. Something different from what I have done in the past. I found a video of a place called Kalani Honua. This video began with a Hawaiian man walking towards a lookout point over the ocean while singing a Hawaiian "oli" or chant. Striking a chord with me, I felt something. A tingle that you feel within your gut. I watched this video dozens of times, and the feeling grew. It soon turned into intuition, and that is where this story begins.

Let's look back a moment to 1983. I was 13 years old. Set out on a family vacation to the Hawaiian islands. The plane landed on Oahu. I remember the sensation of warm humidity on my skin. The fragrance of flowers and the ocean filled my senses. It was like stepping into an entirely different world. Never had I experienced anything like this in my short 13 years. I never knew places like this existed. This place was special. It was December 31st, arriving from the frozen high mountain desert of Salt Lake City, Utah. Stepping into a tropical paradise felt like a warm embrace that left an impression on my young mind.

Fast forward 26 years later. Back in Utah, 39 years old and finding myself at a crossroads. The opportunity to return to Hawai'i presented itself. I applied to be a volunteer at a yoga retreat center on the Big Island. It would be a three-month work-trade program. A program centered around nature and wellness. I knew this would be a place to reflect, reset and take on this decision to figure out a new life path. Little did I know that creating this time and space to go through this process of figuring out how to start over "was" the life-changing decision I thought I was to make while in Hawai'i. Who knew?

I settled into what they called an "A" frame, which was not much more than glorified camping. So I was "glamping" on the Big Island for three months. The first night was overwhelming, the sounds of life all around me. It was like the rainforest, which I find myself in the middle, was brought to life after the sun went down. Trying to settle in and sleep after a day of travel and excitement was almost impossible. Feeling as though I was living in a dream state of mind trying to digest my new reality. The first morning was even more dreamy than the night previous. Instead of the intense sounds of Coqui frogs, I wake to the beautiful melody of birds as they look for a morning meal and the rustle of footsteps all around me as other volunteers get ready for the day. Just like that day stepping off the plane at 13 years old, I step out of my "A" frame and re-live that same sensation from long ago. With the embrace of the island once again. My senses come alive, and so does my spirit.

Full of anticipation, I head to the lanai for breakfast and meet the others who are now part of my journey of discovery. I walk up a path that splits the middle of the property. I hear from behind a person asking me, "are you the new volunteer in the horticulture department." I turn to respond and can't believe it. The person speaking to me is the same Hawaiian man I had watched and listened to dozens of times in the video months before he said. "I am Kimo." (to be continued.)

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