I Fed the Stray Cats a Roast Beef Sandwich

Lidia Korinko

I like to carry Stevia in my purse because not all restaurants offer it. I've known other people to carry hard candy, mints, or gum or, maybe, an unopened package of crackers. Oh, a protein bar! That's an excellent food to have in case you must go a long time between meals. It is also totally possible that someone might be walking around with a sandwich in their purse right now.

A few years ago, my three sisters and I were visiting a relative at the hospital. We were there a good number of hours. We were approached by three crying cats upon exiting the hospital and walking through the parking lot to our car. They were obviously desperately hungry since they were not scared to approach us. I quickly looked through my purse to see if I might have a package of crackers or something that I could give them. I had nothing. The cats were meowing so loudly, and I felt so bad for them. I asked my sisters, "does anyone have anything to eat in their purse"? I hear a couple of "no's," and then one of my sisters says, "all I have is this roast beef sandwich," and she pulls the sandwich out of her purse and hands it to me. It was one of those sandwiches that you buy ready-made from a convenience store.

First, I must wrap my head around the fact that she was serious; of course, I'm happy to have some meat to serve the stray cats, but I'm laughing so hard that I'm doubled over, and my side is cramping. My sister didn't see the humor in it whatsoever. "Why do you have a sandwich in your purse?" I asked.

Her response was acceptable. She is diabetic (type 2). When we are out for an all-day trip, she never knows when we will stop for a meal, so she wanted to be prepared if we went too long without eating. Also, she knew that we might eat in the hospital cafeteria and was afraid that she wouldn't like the food. I want to add that this is the one sister that must eat a second meal if the first one wasn't any good. What I mean by that is, say you are on a trip and go to a café for breakfast, but you end up not liking the food. Then you need to eat something else, that's good, to make up for it.

I still think it's funny and kid her about it now and then. After I was done laughing, I ripped apart the squished sandwich and fed the cats, probably their best meal in days.

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