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How Music and Sound Improves My Life

Music has always soothed my soul. I listen to many genres. However, lately, I have been very aware that the sound of water also has a relaxing effect on me. I love the sound of waves hitting the shore and also the sound of waterfalls cascading from above.

I love country music, but more in the summer with the windows down for some reason. I also love Rap, pop, and rock n roll. As I have started to age a bit, though, I also find the spa channel on my Apple Music extremely satisfying.

I have always related to the lyrics in the Kings of Leon song, Comeback Story:

“I’ll walk a mile in your shoes
And now I’m a mile away
And I’ve got your shoes”

I personally cannot listen to music while I write, although occasionally, I can concentrate while listening to ethereal spa music. I actually learned that when I turn that spa music on, it instantly calms my Bernese Mountain Dog, who, at times, has gobs of energy.

Music has a magical effect.

One reason I resonate so well with specific lyrics is that it validates my emotions. Do you tend to listen to certain songs when you are sad or frustrated? I do! It helps me realize I am not alone and allows me to process my feelings at that moment.

I far prefer music to television during the day. T.V. makes me feel lazy, and music energizes me.

After daily yoga and meditation, I will often play my healing sound bowl. This gives off a specific vibration that produces a soothing tone. I feel very peaceful after playing it.

The Effect of Healing Music and Sound

  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers blood pressure by activating the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Improves Sleep
  • Promotes relaxation

528Hz Healing Frequency

A Monk discovered mathematically related tones, producing a pure tone. Physician Joe Puleo reintroduced those tones, calling them the Solfeggio frequencies. The six main frequencies, which I will list below, are said to reduce pain and even repair DNA.

  • 396
  • 417
  • 528
  • 639
  • 741
  • 852

Of these six frequencies, I believe 528Hz has the most profound effect on my body and mind. Please listen and comment to tell me what you think and how you feel after listening to it.

What style of music do you enjoy most? Feel free to share a link to your favorite song in the comments. I love discovering new artists that I enjoy.

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