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Had a little too much to drink last night? You may be a nurse getting off a twelve-hour shift at one of many downtown hospitals. HangOverEasy is the perfect spot for breakfast or brunch for any occasion. If you are visiting a college student at Ohio State or Ohio University, fear not, they have locations there too.

Nestled nearby Clifton, HangOverEasy is located in Corryville. You will surely see many college students mixed in with families and locals who love the food and the vibe.

The acronym HOE, for Hang Over Easy, is used throughout the restaurant and on the menu. It adds to that college vibe, but you may prefer not to point it out to young kiddos.
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The food is affordable, with large portions and friendly service. There is usually a long wait when I go, typically between ten-eleven. The wait is no problem because I grab a bloody mary or champagne from the bar, enjoy the energetic music, people watch, and gawk at the fantastic food as it gets served. You can usually snag a seat at the bar after several minutes and eat there if you prefer to skip the 30-minute to an-hour wait.
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On the flip side of the long wait, the food is served quickly once you order. The wait staff is attentive and listens to special requests. I have ordered eggs that were a bit undercooked for my liking in the past, so I now ask for the whites to be thoroughly cooked, and it has not been a problem since.

Take your time exploring the creative menu. The Walk of Shame is a popular dish which is a sandwich of bacon, sausage, and a fried egg served on a glazed donut. Then there is Sloppy Seconds, Frog Eyes, and Hoe Benny. There are also more commonly known dishes such as Avocado Toast, Chicken & Waffles, and plenty of sweet delights.
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I love the Avocado Toast and Breakfast Burrito, but my latest obsession is the Hoe Benny. The Hoe Benny is two over medium eggs on toasted English muffins topped with avocado, chorizo (vegan version available), smothered in delicious white queso, pico de gallo, cheddar, and crema served with their Hoe Fries. The Hoe Fries are not hashbrowns but typical breakfast potatoes. Ask for them crispy if you enjoy a crunch on the outside and creamy potato inside.

It is more than a meal at HangOverEasy — it is an experience. I always leave feeling full but energized and inspired.

Insider Tips

  • After feeling guilty I could not finish my meal, I have learned to split a dish with someone when possible. It saves money, and the portion leaves both people satisfied. If you are super hungry, skip the split and go for it. I just do not enjoy breakfast leftovers as much as other meals.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can join the waitlist on Yelp before heading down. They also offer takeout and delivery.
  • There is both on-street parking and a parking lot across the street from HangOverEasy. The lot charges, so be sure to place your receipt on your dash.
  • Finally, I love to stroll around the area after eating. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens are also one mile away and provide ample parking.

13 W. Charlton St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

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