One Tiny Word That Can Become The Bridge To Success

Libby Shively McAvoy
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Using the word yet can powerfully elevate your life. It creates a can-do attitude.

My mom used to say, “Can’t never could do anything.” I grew up in a loving, supportive home and was always encouraged to try new things — activities and trying new food- to branch out and push my edge. As I entered my twenties, I got involved in volunteerism, became an active community member, and had a close-knit group of friends. However, I always felt something was missing. I now realize that I had not yet shown up in my own life. I was simply going through the motions doing what I felt I was supposed to be doing, and yet I had not really found myself, my life’s purpose, and I was living to please others.

I knew there was more for me. I just had not found it yet.
I knew I could reach my potential. I just was not there yet.
I knew I was capable. I just needed to dive a little deeper, but how?

It turns out yoga teacher training was the answer for me. I had to go within. I had never tuned out the external clutter of the world and tuned into my own personal desires and needs. Yoga opened my eyes and ears to my own authentic voice. Until this point, I had lived on autopilot. Suddenly, the world became colorful, magical, and mysterious.

I explored my own innate talents I had not yet discovered until my mid-thirties. I learned to practice self-acceptance. I learned to live a love-based life rather than one of fear.

I developed my personal mantra of awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness. This meant that I had to learn to observe free from judgment. This took many years of practice, but it has been a game changer.

I am still learning to simplify and let go of things I no longer need — the hardest is acceptance from others. But I am learning to rely more on myself and not care what others think of me. It is actually quite liberating. I am also working on getting rid of clutter and scaling back. By doing so, I gain clarity, and life seems calmer. I am still learning, and there is so much yet to explore, but life is improving, so I realize I am on the right track. I feel far more fulfilled and more content.

I am replacing self-limiting patterns, and instead of telling myself I have not been to Greece or Iceland, I am saying I have not been yet because that one word implies my intention to go. That one word is life-changing and powerful. By changing my subconscious wiring, I am changing my self-limiting thoughts and the outcome of my future. I am opening the door to possibilities.

I can do the same thing for any outcome; for example- I have not tried the new restaurant down the street yet, but I intend to go soon. I have not written my article on which song describes my life story yet, but I am going to by the end of the week.

Yet puts me in a growth mindset, creating hope and room for expansion. It empowers me to desire more. It gives me the “can-do” attitude my mom raised me with. It encourages me to continue rather than give up. It creates resilience and wants to encourage me to continue trying even if I fail once or twice. I learn by making mistakes, and the word yet becomes that bridge to success.

The word yet is woven throughout this article with precise intention. It is a powerful word that should be added to our vocabularies more often. I appreciate this prompt from

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please comment and tell me something you have yet to try or accomplish. We are all on this beautiful journey together. Please click this link to stay connected by subscribing to my emails.

I am a big believer in the power of words. As fellow readers and possibly writers, I hope you also appreciate the power of words. I am a survivor of both physical and emotional abuse and know firsthand the damage words can do to people's mental well-being. Words can be forgiven, but they are rarely forgotten.

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