Five tips on leaving the 2020 baggage and turmoil behind

Libby-Jane Charleston

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2020 saw a deterioration of mental health and self-motivation universally. One in five people experienced significantly high levels of psychological distress. It's figures such as these that highlight the need for a deeper focus on rebuilding mental wellbeing and regaining control of your life to drive success into 2021.

Now we're entering our third month of 2021, many of us might still be struggling with the turmoil of 2020 and finding it difficult to focus on a new year. We all deal with upheaval in many different ways but how can the emotional baggage created throughout 2020 be discarded in 2021?

Iswara, created by Anita Levitt and Sonia Lancaster, empowers individuals to overcome mental roadblocks, develop resilience and reach their true potential. Iswara’s transformative programs including Empowerment and Elevation, give people digital access to the tools and strategies required to positively transform their life.

Anita and Sonia suggest the following five tips to soar into 2021.

1. Mastering your mental state

On a daily basis, we operate from our conscious mind to process facts, figures and make decisions. Our underlying subconscious mind holds the programs that we draw from – it holds the patterns that we have learned, the routines that we adopt. Both of these parts of our minds influence how we respond to situations and often determine whether we succeed or fail. By combining tools and exercises such as different meditation techniques, deep contemplation, and sub-liminal statements we can start to rewire our pre-programming and better control the thoughts we have to respond more positively to any given situation.

2. Understand how past experiences influence your present and future

Our past experiences almost become part of our DNA. We didn’t get that job we applied for, we grew up in a violent household, – these are all experiences that influence our lives, yet we often don’t take the time to truly understand them. It’s important to acknowledge these experiences as significant stepping-stones to improvement, as an avenue to grow stronger. Self-reflecting and ideally with appropriate guidance provides a pathway to altering any negative state that we have created as a result of past experiences. 2021 is the year to stop dwelling on past experiences that defined your mindset in 2020 and instead turn your mind to the future.

3. Seeing challenges through a new lens

Challenges are things that we all experience as part of our daily lives. The lens through which we perceive these challenges determines whether these become roadblocks to success or even our ability to move forwards. This year, take every challenge as an opportunity to observe and grow.

4. What is your contribution?

Often when we turn our attention toward supporting others or by looking at how we are contributing to society or this world, our problems become less. It could be as simple as a smile to a stranger or holding the door open for someone that has their hands full - find ways to ‘give back’ to society and bring a greater sense of meaning and peace into your life. It's time to question your contribution to your own well-being and make the necessary changes you feel will enrich your life.

5. Don’t always go it alone!

We often feel like we need to do everything ourselves and reaching out for help or guidance is a sign of weakness or that we aren’t good enough. Whether you are struggling to move forwards, have hit roadblocks that you feel like you can’t overcome or just feeling ‘off’, having access to the right expertise and those that are committed to supporting you on your journey can be of enormous benefit in transforming your life

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