Man accuses his ex-wife of using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to prevent him from seeing their children.

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It’s no secret living with the challenges of a pandemic are difficult for all of us but for some parents, being separated from children due to a relationship breakdown is one of the most difficult issues of all.

Ken* is angry that even though he shares custody with his ex-wife Nancy*, she has made sure that during the pandemic the kids are only with her. According to Ken,his ex insists she has "real fears" that their kids will be at risk if they stay with their father.

“She won’t even let me see them unless I drive over and talk to them through the window. I’ve had several negative Covid tests yet she doesn’t trust me because I continue to work in my office - even though there are strict safety protocols in place with social distancing and masks. It’s very upsetting for me as it’s been three months since I’ve been with my kids,” Ken says.

“My ex-wife is using the argument that the pandemic is a unique time that gives rise to unique circumstances and that she has every right to ensure the safety of our kids. I understand that – but there is no reason why the kids can’t come to me every other weekend.”

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“I believe she is using the pandemic as an excuse to prevent me from seeing my kids. She is incredibly angry and bitter about our divorce. I understand that she has every right to be upset about our breakup But, the way I see it, she is using the kids to get back at me and that is unfair to both the children as well as to me. It is really heartbreaking. My kids miss me and I miss them.”

Ken says his marriage to Nancy broke down when she discovered he'd been having an affair.

“I know I did the wrong thing. I’ve apologized for that indiscretion over and over again. But she refused to forgive me and served me with divorce papers. I’m sorry for what I did and I’m sorry for breaking up our family. That was never my intention. I really hate myself for what I’ve put Nancy and the kids through,” Ken says.

“But I know I am a good father. And I know my kids love me. My kids love their mom but they need me as well. It’s not good enough that I only get to see them through a window! It doesn’t matter how many Covid tests I get, Nancy still refuses to let the kids come to my house. I’m speaking out because I know there will be other dads like me in a similar position.”

“I feel helpless and all I want is to have my kids with me every other weekend as we used to. But with Nancy refusing to let them come to me, there is absolutely nothing I can do apart from taking legal action.”

Family lawyer Marie Fedorov says there are plenty of options for people in the same position as Ken – beginning with family mediation.

Family lawyer Marie Fedorov (Picture: supplied)

“If there are court orders in place, those Orders need to be complied with while it is safe to do so. If a parent is contemplating breaching Orders, they must have a reasonable excuse in do so or could face Contravention proceedings. The mere concern that a child may be exposed to COVID-19 is not a compelling enough reason,” Marie says.

“If parents have concerns about their children moving between households, the first step should be to discuss these concerns with one another and devise a temporary solution. Where it is not safe to have these discussions directly, the parents should look at mediation options to assist them in navigating this difficult time.”

“Parents considering taking steps to alternate current care arrangements should seek legal advice first.”

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