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Backup QBs for the Green Bay Packers to Sign

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The biggest piece of news remaining during this NFL Offseason is if or where Aaron Rodgers plays football next year. Regardless of if Rodgers is in Green Bay or not, it seems like the Green Bay Packers will be in need of a quarterback, as the representation of Rodgers and Jordan Love (which is the same) is going to force a trade to ensure they are on different teams. So, the Packers will take a look at the top backup QB free agents on the market in 2023 NFL Free Agency.

Of course, determining which player is the starter for the Packers likely changes who the backup is. If Aaron Rodgers is the Packers' starter, then Brian Gutekunst will likely draft the backup after trading away Love. However, if Jordan Love is the Packers' starter, then a veteran that can help him through those growing pains would be wise to have on the roster.

Let's take a look at the top backup QB free agents for the Green Bay Packers to take a look at in 2023 NFL Free Agency. Of course, I may be making a little bit of an assumption by labeling these players as backups, but we know what they are. Being a backup quarterback also includes more than on-field performance, since we are assuming (and hoping) the backup doesn't see the field anyways.
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Backup QB Free Agents For the Packers

Taylor Heinicke

The first player on our list of backup QB free agents for the Green Bay Packers to look at is the one who has said he wants to play for the Packers. Taylor Heinicke would be a worthy backup for either Rodgers or Love. He is the ultimate teammate and professional, as shown by Heinicke telling the coaching staff rookie Sam Howell deserved to start the final week of the season. It's also clear Heinicke has shown flashes in the NFL.

So, whether he is looking to be a great teammate and mentor to Jordan Love or he is refining his game as Aaron Rodgers' backup, the Packers should absolutely check on Taylor Heinicke.

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota served as a back to Derek Carr in Las Vegas for a couple of seasons. He looked okay, but not great, as the Atlanta Falcons' start last season, and he is now on the move again. Mariota is likely a better backup option for Love. However, Mariota is still under 30 years old and would still work under Rodgers.

Andy Dalton

Obviously, Andy Dalton is the clear veteran mentor on this list of backup QB free agents. If something were to happen to Love, Dalton can come in and still play. However, his experience and wisdom would likely be best served off of the field.

Teddy Bridgewater

It feels weird that Teddy Bridgewater is older than Marcus Mariota, but I digress. Bridgewater may be a man on the move once again, after spending last season with the Miami Dolphins. He has been on five different teams since leaving the Minnesota Vikings, and it could be interesting to have a former Viking on our team for a chance instead of them picking up our scraps.

Gardner Minshew

Come on. I need a quarterback room of Aaron Rodgers and Gardner Minshew. Let Rodgers grow his hair out again and the two could rock the fullest handlebar mustaches next season. The two appear to be kindred spirits. The vibes will be high and, honestly, so will they.

Aside from the million off-the-field reasons for this to happen, Minshew has had many of bright moments in the NFL, and learning under Rodgers could be what he needs to refine his game enough to be a solid starter going forward.

Mike White

Speaking of bright spots, that's essentially all Mike White has. In two straight seasons, Mike White was thrust into the starting New York Jets quarterback job and impressed. It will be interesting to see what his market is like compared to the other likely backup QB free agents. As a backup to Rodgers, White may have just as much upside as Love at a cheaper price.

Drew Lock

Does anyone know what Drew Lock is? If your answer is yes, you're wrong. I think we know he isn't a superstar, but he certainly hasn't gotten a fair shake, up to this point. So, as a backup to Rodgers, it could be interesting to sign a young player with a lot of potential. Hell, the kid was drafted two spots ahead of Elgton Jenkins! It is a low-risk, possible high-reward signing.

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