Woman Frustrated After Subway Store Closes 30 Minutes Early Despite Staff Talking Inside, Provoking Mixed Reactions

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Subway customers were divided on whether a TikTok user's complaint about workers closing the store early was justified after a video of them 'chilling' in the restaurant went viral.

TikTok user Daniela Martinez, who goes by @_danimar._, says she went to the sandwich shop for some broccoli soup, but when she arrived at 8:30pm and the store was closed, she didn't give up—she came back again at 9pm and found the doors still locked.

The video racked up over 562k views and over 1260 comments debating the situation.

She recorded a video showing how little sense this made to her, captioning it "Like i just wanted some broccoli soup!!" with hashtag #lazy.

The text overlay in the video read:

"I tried to go into subway and the door was locked....it was 8:30pm and they close at 9:00pm. i left n came back and home girls were just chillin and sittin??" 

Above it was another overlay that noted the "open sign" was still turned on and glowing.

The post quickly gained traction among TikTok users.

Some agreed that it was unacceptable for workers to close up shop early and go home without finishing their shift or informing customers about what was happening.

However, others criticized @_danimar._ for recording and posting the video without asking why they were closed so early. 

Photo byTikTok @_danimar._

Viewers had opinions about why the workers may have closed the store

One commenter wrote: "They're probably understaffed. some places close early when theres barely anyone to close," 

Another commenter agreed: "Sometimes restaurants close early if they run outta items or lack of customers, my store would do that."

A third commenter said: "i can’t stand people who come in so late knowing a place is about to close"

While some people said, "Leave them alone," and, "Leave them alone they must be tired."

As one commenter said, "Y'all don't understand the pain of Subway workers." 

People complain about stores closing early

Social media often complains about seemingly "bad" customer service. The discussions then turn to the downsides and difficulties of working in the restaurant industry's food service sector. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the quit rate in the accommodations and restaurant industry has been over double other industries since June 2021.

But according to a post on Reddit in 2019, people have complained about closing early four years ago, as told by u/Megggs25:

"Look I get that there might be only 1 or 2 people working and that it's a big responsibility to close the store by yourself. But if the advertised closing time is at 9pm then you can't lock people out of the store or turn them away from ordering food at 8:30."

As of November 14, 2022, there were 20,845 Subway restaurants in the US according to Scrapehero. California has the most stores (2,043), followed by Texas (1850) and Florida (1210).

Final thoughts 

Customer service workers often have a tough time dealing with entitled customers. But, unfortunately, now that these stories are usually spread across social media platforms, it can make things worse for them.  

Many people are quick to judge people, and it's important to remember that workers have their own lives, too. 

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