Man’s Response to Fast Food Manager After Told Closed Due to Lack of Staff Sparks Debate

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The number of McDonald’s employees has more than halved worldwide in the past six years, according to Statista.

A TikToker, who goes by @dadtastic1, posted a video outside a closed McDonald’s after he was told he could not buy his food by the manager because 'they only have 2 people' working.

He captions his video: Why are people not working? Please explain. What am I missing?

Over 40,000 people flocked around to see the controversy, and over 1790 people decided to chime in with their thoughts and opinions on why people avoided working at McDonald’s.

In the video, @dadtastic1 describes the entire ordeal in detail and expresses his frustrations while filming a closed McDonald’s. 

He explains:

“I just placed the order on the app and [the McDonald’s worker] goes ‘Hold on a minute. All right, go up to the front door.’ Manager came out, gave me a refund, and said they’re closed today from 1:30 until 4 because they can’t get anyone to work; they only have two people—amazing!”

Incredulously, he asks why people aren’t working, and says:

“What are people doing? Why are people not working? There are no more handouts so what is going on? Please, someone explain this to me”
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In the comments section, viewers hit back with reasons workers avoid working at McDonald’s and fast food, in general.

“Because we found other jobs that pay us what we are worth we won’t work for low wages,” one TikTok user said.

“A combo meal costs more than these workers make in an hour. They went elsewhere because they had to,” another user wrote in the comments.

“You can’t make a living there. People literally can’t afford to work at McDonald’s,” another said.

McDonald’s is growing, but the number of employees is shrinking
"Pay is part of the problem, but also the abuse... both from companies and customers is worse than ever now." says one TikTok commenterPhoto byAdobe

Finding staff is still challenging, particularly in some parts of the job market. 

One is the fast-food sector, which requires in-person attendance and often offers lower wages and demanding working conditions.

In an article from CNBC, "High inflation leads federal minimum wage to reach lowest value since 1956, report finds" cited an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, which states that the minimum wage has also lost value due to inflation.

Suppose a job can be automated, digitalized, or offshored. In that case, it may be, as many labor sectors are still struggling to retain workers.

The number of McDonald’s restaurants in the US is 13,342 as of November 28, 2022. California has the most, with 1,186 sites, followed by Texas (1,124) and Florida (854).

Final thoughts

Following the viral video, the man posted a follow-up video on TikTok where he thanked the people who responded to his post and talked about how he genuinely didn't know why he was experiencing this issue

In the end, people do not work in fast food for many reasons. Given the amount of strong responses the man received, it’s safe to say that he learned a tremendous amount from the reaction to his video.

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