Woman Reacts to Odd Text Messages After Grubhub Driver Admits Eating Her Taco Bell Order


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A woman is going viral on TikTok after showing a text conversation between her and a GrubHub driver who apparently ate the Taco Bell she ordered.

The video by the Tiktoker, who goes by @ihitrockbottom, has been seen more than 556,000 times. 

Even Taco Bell was astonished by the way she dealt with the driver from the online food delivery app.

@ihitrockbottom @grubhub I really handled this well. Happy birthday grub hub driver. #fyp #GrubHub ♬ original sound - Lol

The woman shows the screenshots of texts which appear to be between her and her Grubhub driver. 

At first, she messages the delivery driver about what the driver's expected time of arrival (ETA) would be.

But she did not expect what happens next.

The TikToker waits one hour before texting the driver.Photo by@ihitrockbottom / TikTok

That's when the GrubHub staff member reveals the news. In a moment of remarkable candor, the driver says:

"Sorry my boo just ate your stuff (we) was hungry as hell lol," the text read.

"Wait, what lol how do I cancel my order. Hope u enjoyed my tacos. Lol," the TikToker texts back, and says she was "obviously upset", but "didn't want to make a scene."

The driver said they didn't know and that her location "was just so far." 

Photo by@ihitrockbottom / TikTok

The TikToker then explains to her viewers how she felt after finding out the driver ate her meal.

"So I'm handling it like a champ 'cause I figured I'll just take it up with GrubHub. I'm not going to get my tacos anyway. Whatever. I'm just going to deal with it."

But then the conversation makes an unexpected turn. 

The Crunchwrap Supreme Meal from Taco BellPhoto byTaco Bell website

The delivery driver said it was their birthday and she needed plans.

Awkwardly, the TikToker replies and tells her delivery driver she is "balling on a budget" and wishes them a happy birthday. 

She ends the TikTok with a kind message to the driver:

"Grubhub driver, if you see this, I hope you had an amazing birthday and I hope you enjoyed my Crunchwrap Supreme meal with my large Pepsi. And I'm glad I funded your birthday dinner with you and your boo. I did receive a 10% discount from Grubhub after complaining and got a refund on my order. But yeah, happy birthday Grubhub driver"

The video has 1889 comments and 78.9K likes.

People in the comments quickly said that the TikToker was being "way too nice." 

The TikToker waited an hour before texting the driver. .Photo by@ihitrockbottom / TikTok

Even Taco Bell on TikTok added a comment: "Your patience is unmatched."

Another said, "I wish I was as kind as you."

While a comment with over 7600 'hearts' said, "YOU'RE SO NICE FOR WHAT."

The TikToker responded to Taco Bell's comment: "I just really wanted my Crunchwrap Supreme."

Despite not seeing her Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme meal and large Pepsi delivery, she said she got her money back and a 10% coupon from GrubHub. 

Food delivery service in 2022

Since 2020, home delivery has grown exponentially.

Eighty percent of Americans have ordered home food delivery at some stage, according to Grubhub.

According to research on home delivery by Tacit, nearly 30% of diners will pay more for food delivery if it's fast.

But what if it is not fast - in this case, did the TikToker do the right thing?

It seems she did more than expected. When it is not fast, GrubHub says on its website, "If your order doesn't arrive within 5 minutes, please contact the delivery driver."

The annual report of Grubhub analyzed the orders that its customers placed throughout the year.

The report, which is entitled "Year in Food," analyzed the orders that its customers placed throughout the year.

It found that California had the highest number of pickup orders, while New York had the most number of orders. In terms of alcohol orders, Washington, D.C. had the highest percentage, and New Mexico had the highest average tip.

Final thoughts

This story may make you feel like the world is a little kinder than you thought. The TikToker shared how she could remain calm and get her money back after her delivery driver ate her food.

What do you think about this?

Would you feel the same way if a driver ate your delivery - or would it make you "hangry" (hungry and angry)?

Share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share this article on social media and with your friends and family, if you'd like.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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