Starbucks Employees Warning Customers About Their Money-Saving 'Hacks'

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A Starbucks employee delivers a scathing message to customers who use TikTok hacks for cheaper drinks

In a video on TikTok, a Starbucks worker said that customers who use "hacks" to get cheap drinks should think twice before doing so.

There are food hacks on TikTok that claim to save you money.

Hackers go into Starbucks and modify drinks to make them cheap. But if you are a Starbucks employee, that just makes your job difficult.

The Starbucks worker, the_hip_barista explains that these methods can make it harder for employees and lead to warnings from the manager.

"Starbucks employees are not here for your TikTok drink hacks," says the Starbucks barista
Starbucks employees explains they are not here for your ‘TikTok drinks hacks’Credit: TikTok/the_hip_barista

Despite the savings, the Starbucks employee explained that these methods can create difficult situations for employees.

In most hack videos, the cost of a typical Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is $6. However, customers can save a few dollars by modifying their drinks.

In the video, TikTok user showed how he could make a pumpkin spice latte for $2.45 instead of $6.45. He saves four dollars by modifying the order for the drink.

According to the barista, this is one of the most common hacks that people do at Starbucks.

Customers following TikTok hacks could put in an order like this and then ask for more milk, or less ice or even no caramel drizzle as they walk out the door without paying anything extra.

This practice causes delays in the line, he adds, as well as additional questions from management.

The employee also says that customers often modify the order after receiving it and then complain about it being wrong, and management intervenes for not "getting the moment right."

"Stop with the hacks," The TikToker says

The TikToker then urged customers to stop using hacks and just order a regular drink.

“Stop making minimum wage workers do circles for you."

At the end of his video, the TikToker said that people should "just get a pumpkin spice latte."

Other commenters, who also seem to be Starbucks employees, apparently agree with 'the hip barista', "(For real) if you really need to save the $4 just get a couple syrups and start making your coffee at home."

The video has hundreds of comments and over 17000 views.

Final thoughts

There must be a feel-good factor for followers of TikTok drinks hacks to make a little saving while giving yourself some extra pep in the morning. Although Starbucks customers may want to rethink the hacks after this message from an employee.

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