Arby's Just Brought Back Fan-Favorite BBQ Menu Item

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Arby's just brought back a fan-favorite barbecue item with improvements and you can now get it in California
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(Los Angeles, California) - Rib sandwiches are a staple for anyone looking for hearty barbecue for a meal or snack.

A perfectly cooked sandwich - with rib from the bone - is usually only obtained at specialized barbecue joints.

However, the Arby’s fast food chain has just brought back the Real Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich at the same prices as last year.

The Real Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich was originally launched in October 2021, but this sandwich is an improved version of last year's sandwich.

The new version of the rib sandwich for 2022
Real Country Style Rib Sandwich from Arby's CaliforniaCredit: Arby's

The new Real Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich features country-style pork ribs smoked for 8 hours at a Texas smokehouse, with crispy onions, smoky BBQ sauce, and natural cheddar cheese on a toasted star top bun.

The biggest improvement to this year's burger is they have taken out the Gouda and mayo from last year's burger and added cheddar cheese and more BBQ.

“The Country Style Rib Sandwich redefines expectations of what a rib sandwich can be and is made with quality country-style pork rib meat,” Arby’s said.

Final thoughts

The Real Country Style Pork Rib Sandwich can be enjoyed a la carte or as part of a meal, with a drink or a choice of Crinkle Fries or Curly Fries.

It’s a sticky BBQ treat that’s sure to catch the attention of rib fans. Just before November, when McDonald’s is purportedly to bring back its McRib.

The biggest drawcard is the ribs in this burger from Arby’s are not formed meat but made from real ribs from the bone. And they have added cheddar cheese rather than Gouda from last year.

The sandwich will be available for a limited time at Arby's locations in California and nationwide starting on Monday, October 4.

Arby's has 84 locations in California alone—so if you're looking for some great barbecue this fall better head to your local Arby's near you or order online.

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