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In-N-Out 'French Fry Upgrade' Video on TikTok Dismissed by Fans

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This TikTok food 'hack' alleges to save you money on fries - but In-N-Out fans are not impressed

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(Los Angeles, CA) - We all love a good food hack, but are these 'food hack' videos really helpful?

Taking a closer look can reveal that Tik Toks can cause a lot of problems for the original poster and those who try them.

As you probably know, TikTok is a popular app where users post short videos of themselves singing, dancing or doing something else entertaining.

However, what most people don't realize is that many of these videos are just there for entertainment purposes and not actually helpful tips.

TikTok Video: "Do you want to save money on In-N-Out Animal Style fries?"

When it comes to the internet’s In-Out Burger hacks, those who know can't be fooled so easily.

That’s presumably why so many of them were less than thrilled by this recent recommendation for “French Fry Upgrade” by TikTok account healthyjunkfood.

The account has over 1 million followers and the TikTok has 16200 likes.

But as many people have pointed out, making your own hack isn't necessarily cheaper or better than just buying them at In-N-Out itself.

The 30-second video gets right to the point, to ask to have your fries with fried onions and free packets of spread “at no extra cost.” The video continues: “Skip the cheese, save your $2 and don’t get ripped off”

The TikTok stresses not to ask for ‘animal style fry” because they alleged that adds $2.10 to your bill and “the only difference is the cheese.”

While it sounds okay, the end result shows a rather sad-looking fries with none of the creamy cheese - a feature of Animal style fries.

The problem? It lacks an essential ingredient, as expressed by several commenters.

“Where’s the cheese?”

In N Out Burger CaliforniaCredit: Kenny Eliason / unsplash

"So it’s not animal style without the cheese” said one user. Another commenter called out the TikTok for his lack of cheese, stating: “But the cheese is the best part.” And another: “I’m not cheap I will keep ordering it!”

There's always room for improvement—and plenty offered their two cents:

“Or just buy a whole pack pack of cheese for that amount in a grocery store and you have enough for your fries and for the rest of the week," said one user.

Sometimes, the best hack is to have a little help from your friends.

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Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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