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This is the Best Pizza Place in California

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When it comes to the best in California, this pizza place in Los Angeles came out on top. A unique pizza place in Los Angeles with delicious fusion pizzas

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(Los Angeles, CA) - Let's face it — pizza is really a blank canvas in the art of food.

Got an idea for your next masterpiece? You've got options. While some specialty pizzas are a little out there, which premium pizza is the best?

Now I'm sure you're thinking, "The best pizza? That's a bold claim, buddy."

Well, at least that's what Eat This, Not That tried to answer in their survey across the country.

They hand-picked what they thought was the *best slice of pizza* at each restaurant based on reviews from Yelp.

The algorithm they used takes into account both the number of reviews and star ratings for each business.

When it comes to the best in California, this pizza place in Los Angeles came out on top.

Bombay Tikka Masala at 786 Degrees in Los Angeles

The magazine highlights one pie at this pizza place, in particular: the Bombay Tikka Masala because of "how distinct it was from a traditional slice of pizza."

786 Pizza / yelp

Made with several flavorful ingredients, such as San Marzano tomatoes, Tandoor baked chicken kebab, mango chutney, burrata, paneer, and Signature Saffron Tikka Masala sauce.

"This tiny, strip-mall pizza shop lives up to all the raves it receives. They make simply amazing pizza and do so in such a welcoming way. Each pizza is handmade with properly fermented dough and topped with extremely fresh and creative ingredients. Plus, the prices are surprisingly low. Just delicious. The place is really small so plan on sharing a table with other pizza lovers. As a bonus, this spot is right off the freeway near the Burbank airport, so if you're flying in or out stop by for a treat." - NE_AK_CA, Trip Advisor

786 Degrees is small (12-15 seats) place with a traditional pizza oven. The dough is Napoli style but the toppings are anything but traditional.

Here's three reasons why we like them:

1. The pizzas are traditionally cooked in 100% wood fire and most of the ingredients are organic, local and seasonal. That means its super fresh.

2. They have really good service. They're always so polite and friendly when you order from them!

3. The last thing that makes 786 Degrees stand out from other pizzerias is their price: they charge very little for their food which makes it much more affordable to enjoy their delicious pizza!

This pizza place in a mall has got a lot going on with creative pizza flavors—and that's saying something considering how many other great places there are in LA.

8879 Laurel Canyon Blvd Unit A Los Angeles, CA 91352 United States

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