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This Popular Burger Chain's Secret Menu Items For Dogs

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Looking for something your pup will love? In-N-Out has a paw-some menu just for the canine crowd

This Is How You Get A Pet-Friendly In-N-Out Burger / image: Adobe

(Los Angeles, CA) - Like humans, dogs love burgers. However, they shouldn't be eating all the extra toppings that come with them.

This is why this fast food chain has created a special treat for your canine friend: a “Pup Patty.”

This burger is served unseasoned and comes in a bag that's made with their signature dog treats.

With over 5.3 million privately-owned dogs in Los Angeles County alone, it's no surprise that LA takes the lead for the most dog lovers in the country. There are a lot of ways for people to show their dogs love here.

And this In-N-Out pet menu hack is one of them.

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Here's how to order for you dog at an In-N-Out Drive Thru

#1 The Pup Patty

The In N-Out Pup Patty / image: The Daily Paws TiKTok

If you want to order off the secret In-N-Out menu for your dog, just ask for a Pup Patty.

The Pup Patty is a simple unsalted hamburger patty—without any garlic or onions—that's broiled, not fried. This makes it safe for dogs. Depending on the location, it's minimal cost.

In-N-Out will serve up a Pup Patty for your four-legged friend: an unseasoned burger, packed in one of their signature doggy bags.

Now dogs can enjoy a burger just like their owners.

#2 The Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman / Instagram: @animalbasedlifestyle

The Flying Dutchman burger is just pure beef and cheese—but with no buns.

It is also on the In-N-Out (not-so) secret menu for humans.

The Flying Dutchman is said to have been created at an original In-N-Out location for patrons to feed their pups and remains a (not-so secret) popular item for both humans and dogs to this day.

Important advice from the American Kennel Club

We all know that garlic and onions are toxic to dogs—so it makes sense that In-N-Out would offer a burger that doesn't have these ingredients.

The American Kennel Club advises against all onion and garlic for dogs at all costs:

All parts of the onion plant are toxic to dogs, including the flesh, leaves, juice, and processed powders. Whether raw or cooked, fried or powdered, onions and the rest of the allium family (garlic, shallots, leeks, and chives) are harmful to dogs.

Luckily, most dogs don't like the taste of onions anyway, but be extra safe: Leave out all alliums entirely from your dog’s diet (onions, garlic, especially onion and garlic powders).

The In-N-Out pup patty is a perfectly plain unsalted beef patty that is broiled and not fried so it is safe and tasty for dogs. Woof!

Final words

The secret dog menu hasn’t gone unnoticed by some major fast-food chains, and it looks like In-N-Out is in on the pet love with its dog menu that is safe for dogs.

The menu is simple and safe for dogs, and is available on request.

If you're looking for the secret burger menu for humans, here are 5 Secret Burgers You Can Get At In-N-Out (If You Ask For Them)

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